0 thoughts on “WoT – Tankfest 2018 : Community Contributors

  1. I can still see the WG jism on Quickbaby’s face even after he tried to wipe it off.
    Try harder next time bruh.

  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else feels nauseated when he sees Quickybaby in his “super nice” persona?

  3. All happy and not a cloud in the sky! No hard questions, no problems in the game, nothing. Community contributors, worthless.

  4. The only useful community contributor in world of the tanks is my penus up quickybiitsches @ssholes.

  5. A bunch of unknown non important CC’s except for QB and Dazilkiller ……….. did the best most important and popular CC’s not go with the ‘good feelings hug’s’ party thrown by WG?

    1. Just blow the right people, I’m sure QB can suck a mean D.
      Dakillzor is actually good at the game and can 3 mark tier 10s with little trouble.
      QB can’t even 3 mark a tier 8.

  6. what exactly does QB contribute to the community other than showing noobs how to gold spem? Hahah, Qb is a fucking joke, the is unemployed and bought his wife over there in middel east or what ever the fuck she is from. I mean, gtfo nigguh.

  7. QB is by far the most viewed streamer fo WOT. Doesnt mean he is very good at the game, but obvioulsy he is doing something better than others.
    Most players in WOT aren´t Unicums too btw – so who cares. Seems for me like he is still getting more players to play WOT than Daki oder Skill oder Foch…
    Personally i prefer watching other streamers, but i can´t ignore the facts…

  8. Quickybaby’s wife is from Russia. Serb is former KGB and he ordered her to marry him. Quickybaby is just a complete and utter GEEK and Serb’s puppet.

  9. Qb is a geek and qbs “wifw” is a gold-digger. Would she marry him is he was flipping burgers?

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