Battle of Kursk marathon – missions day 4



12 thoughts on “Battle of Kursk marathon – missions day 4

  1. As I said, piss easy.

    I`m absolutely sure all the missions until the end will be like this. Basically, just log in, play 1-2 games, and that`s that.

    Yesterday mission, which was kinda “hard”, I finished on my alt account in like 6-7 battles, and I was playing only T-34-85.

    In short, be happy people, you are getting a free premium for basically 0 effort.

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  2. I mean, its a really bad prem, ill never play it, but sure.

    im more excited about the other free stuff tbh, i think we get some free prem time.

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    1. I`m a real sucker for T-34s, so I really want it, even if it`s not good.

      Also, I think it is nice for absolutely new players, as it is better than most tier 5 prems currently in the tech tree, and they can get it for free (that being said most really new players will probably struggle even with these missions, so yeah…)


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