Bonus Code (EU)



And what gives the code? It will unlock a battle mission you must complete by the end of July (30/07/2018, 00:00).


Personal reserve: + 300% crew xp for 2 hours
A large repair kit
A large first aid kit
Automatic fire extinguishing system

Play five battles.
Find yourself in the top ten players in the team in terms of gained basic experience.

Only random battles and Grand battles.
Vehicles of tier IV or higher.
Once per account.


8 thoughts on “Bonus Code (EU)

        1. Ow, well, that sucks then. Just in case of human error … Have you tried copying it and pasting, rather than retyping it? It’s a long shot, but maybe you’ve just made a typo?

          If not, well, maybe just try later again.


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