Supertest News – 25TP KSUST II


Hello Commanders,
Even More Polish Tanks on Supertest
We’re starting the closed test of the 25TP KSUST II, a Tier V Polish medium. This vehicle sports good mobility and great gun depression, and the alpha damage of its gun is slightly above average for its tier and class. The 25TP’s armor isn’t bad for a Tier V medium either: while it doesn’t lend reliable protection against tier-mates’ shots, you’ll worry less about the mosquito bites of lower tier vehicles. To sum it all up, the 25TP is a classic medium introducing the player to the gameplay of the Polish mid-tier tanks.
Depending on the test results, the 25TP’s stats may change. Make sure to follow the news and have luck on your side in battle!


0 thoughts on “Supertest News – 25TP KSUST II

  1. Regular tier V tank. I do like the diversity many odd tanks bring to the game. Just hope they won’t overdo the gun depression feature like they did Japanese heavy armor.
    Judging by the size of the gun, another imaginary napkin tank, so historical accuracy non existent and can’t hurt it like the Tiger.

      1. You mean the turret really is that narrow? Can’t imagine the gunner and TC sitting in that turret

      2. This is not a blueprint, a napkin drawing at best. With a more realistic gun. But I’m willing to forgive this creative thinking, as long new tanks are reasonable in it’s performance.
        For example, Japanese heavies got armor that in real life would render them unmovable objects. Interesting that they all have same engines, so no extra power. Just WG creativity.
        Will see if they make the new line OP.

        1. maus is heavier than any jp HTs and it can “move” with a 1200hp engines in real life, then why can’t jp heavies move with the same power and less weight ?

    1. That’s not a blueprint.
      Blueprints are extremely detailed.
      That’s a drawing essentially saying “it we be cool if”

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