0 thoughts on “Tankfest 2018: Thank You!

  1. only idiots go to tank-“fest”. A real party has booze and easy women and shit like that, not fat old daddies and gamer “girl”. Hahah, I hate the term gamer girl, it is stuped, a girl shouldn’t game. And this blog has so many useless posts understand that blogger-noob ahah.

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      1. a female mod is a joke, she only got the job because of her looks not because of her brain. In fact many employers want a 50/50 distribution of men and females, which means they force out men in favour of “women”. EU idiots.

  2. You can do what ever you want blogger-kid ahaha. When WG comes knocking on your door you will remove the blogg and go silence like silentstalker.

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