Collector’s Gem of the Week: Fury



A new gem is rolling onto the field, and the rule of cool is strong with this one! The M4A3E8 Fury is now ready to join your garage! Very manoeuvrable, it is known for its great DPM and its special camouflage. The Fury also has the ability to pack a Vertical Stabilizer, in order to be even more precise on the move. 

Bag this movie star Tier VI medium tank now! 



price is around 19€


12 thoughts on “Collector’s Gem of the Week: Fury

  1. Get it fast, it will never be sold again! Never-ever! Not in a million years! One-time opportunity! (WG logic – people eats up all we sh*t)

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  2. and the same named film was the greatest bullshit ive ever seen.
    so much, amerika is great, greater, greatest, most greatest, amerika


  3. “it is known for its great DPM and its special camouflage.”

    What special Camo?

    Do the people writing this stuff actually play the game?


  4. It’s paint job serves as all-around camo in-game. Again, WG logic: black or almost black tanks will get camo rating in snow and desert, because we say so.


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