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    1. only poor players with bad stats hate xvm, why whine and crying is when everyone know how bad they are. they just want to keep bad stats hidden :facepalm

            Quickybabyisn’t a pro dude, far from it.
            Actually I just went to his twitch and watched him do a WOPPING 1400 dmg in a tier 10 game as a 705A.
            He was trying to sidescrape against a Type 5 heavy.
            Very smart 10/10 pro player.

            1. obviously you haven’t seen qb’s stats and wn8?! you perhaps are jealous he is better. do xvm cause you uncomfortableness?

              1. since the beginning of xvm noobs with poor stats has complained. it’s obviously their bad stat is cause of embarrassment

                1. Winner in life …noob in WOT, I’ll take it thanks. I have no reason to stroke my epeen thank you very much.

                2. Dude even pro player (like shishx from Fame and skill4ltu) hate XVM
                  And yes XVM is bs, this trash must be removed.
                  So you can keep “your noob fear XVM” bs to other morron of your type

              1. man you must be like the #1 QB fan ever, sorry I offended your god.
                But XVM is still cancer.

                1. i don’t like the little cunt….I find him to bee TOO nice and calm(kinda fake)…..but xvm in my case helped my reduce raging about my teams performance….this way at start of the battle you get general idea what to expect from your team……..for example :which team member to support or which enemy to focus if you get the chance……I am aware of the xvm snipers(most of them playing arty),but hey we all have to compromise

                  1. I also use XVM but not to see how good or bad the enemy team is, focus a particular good player or spg sniping. I solely use it to adapt my playstyle after the quality of my own team. If 70% of them will die within 2 minutes or not….
                    It has been very helpful and has given me quite a few Kolobanovs.

                    1. You can tell how good your team is by looking at what they’re doing in the first minute of the battle. You just described why XVM is cancer and should be nanned and people like you should fuck right off.

      1. I would love to hide the stats, just to fuck up XVM.
        When I played, I got tired of XVM’ers drowning their tanks at the start of a match.
        Or complaining ASAP that this will be a loss. Or they did even both!

      2. On the contrary, the best players hate it the most. Nothing more fun than constantly getting focus fired by arty and every 2 bit nab who jerks off at the thought of killing a unicum.

  1. I agree, actually I just installed it after years of denial, to confirm my suspicions of game results manipulated by MM.
    Haven’t you noticed that activating personal reserves, for example, somehow brings bad MM, idiot teams that go all on one side of the map and die there camping and with little damage to the enemy?
    I want to confirm it, good players may play bad sometimes.
    XVM usually is kinda bad. If WG would ban it, no problem, but they just break it with micropatches.

  2. I don’t use xvm but don’t need to. I look at what armour the enemy has vs what my team has, the top clan members on each team, and can predict the outcome with approx 80% correctness. 10% for draws, and 10% for “hey that outcome completely surprised me”.
    Now, if I saw quicky baby on the enemy team, and I was an SPG, he would be my priority target, yet every tank he reviews, no one is targeting him…the benefits of picking and choosing your replays I guess?. Most of his premium tier 8 tank reviews are posted with him as top tier, using best consumables (at 10 or 20k credits a pop), gold ammo etc, so they don’t hold any value to opinion unless it features him fighting vs tier x in real world server battle conditions, small repair med kit, AP, hell why not chuck a virgin crew in there?.
    Kinda like going to the test server and trying that new tier 10 you are working towards, and you get slaughtered because everyone the server is using improved equips x3, gold ammo 100%, top consumables , 7 skill crews etc…while you just wanted to test the tank in real world server conditions.

  3. 90% of all the new players in the last year are bright red Tomatoes, who don’t care about Win or Lose they click in and out of battles like its a ‘drug’ you all see it, or do it.
    – you know I’m right yes? all those shit frustrating less than 4 minute 1 sided battle slaughters gotta come from somewhere
    XVM & WM8 I started using 2 years ago and now myself I went from a red tomato to a solid green player ~ the only down side to myself improving is the utter frustration of watching up to 50% of my team die like flies within 1st minute

  4. XVM is cheating. It’s simply disgusting to claim that it’s fine to use that mod. Also, for the douchebag claiming that only noobs fear XVM…it’s the other way around bitch. Only noobs and incompetent players use XVM. Those and QB.

    1. lol, QB a noob? the typical accusation from real noobs….calling unicums “noobs”… just like the after battle messages from angry loser children :laugh

      1. XVM should be NOT in game but only on the hangar when you can fap fap if you want.
        Oh yep I’m blue ” I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO afraid to being targeted” stupid morron.

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