0 thoughts on “WoWS – Update 0.7.6

      1. That’s Dasha, she’s been the face of WoWS update and dev blogs for a long time pal =|

  1. Ok I just had some breakfast and did a google search, she’s a model/actress type, it’s not like she works for WG unless she’s victor’s “special assistant” or something.
    So yeah, random hot chick, like I said.

  2. random chick that use her apperance to get work, opposed to use real people who use brain and muscles to get jobs. Girls have it so easy, the only thing they nid to worry about is getting raped, but if you are out alone and druink you deserve to get…

  3. Two accounts just to complain about Dasha? Really guy? You have NOTHING better to do with your life?

  4. Dasha sounds like a porn model name. On the other hand most girls in the east have done porn because they are cheap sluts doing everything for monie.

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