Collector’s Gem of the Week: KV-220-2


The Collector’s Gem of the Week is the KV-220-2. Boasting extremely tough armour, this big boy is made to push the front and crush the defences of your enemies. When it comes to armament, it doesn’t need to hide, either – its 76 mm gun will make short work of most tanks it will meet. Just make sure you are close to the action, and the KV-220-2 will serve you well!

Collector's Gem: KV-220-2

Price around: 24€

10 thoughts on “Collector’s Gem of the Week: KV-220-2

  1. Short work? Well yes and no. With sub 100 AP pen you can’t reliably pen anything on the HT line. Forget the Exelsior with its 114mm. Unless you face yourself that is. As that turret is a stock KV-1 turret. So that’s butter too vs the hull. So facing anyone with half a brain it will die fast. Just as an FYI to anyone wanting to buy it.

    Tho 3 out 5 games it’s still a better crew trainer then the IS-6 atm. And if you face a brainless enemy team, they will go for the lower plate they can’t pen, and you can still aim in on their weakspot with all the time in the world.

    1. You would be surprised how dumb people are.. They will shoot the hull always.. They are verrry dumb. Anyway this is the tier 5 tiger.

    2. I was given one, love the hull armor but hate the gun and the turret armor. Hope that the enemy auto locks on you and you will be fine.

  2. “Just make sure you load gold, and the KV-220-2 will serve you well!”

    Fixed it.

  3. Why doesnt NA have something like this?

    This collectors gem thing is a good idea.

    I am still waiting on a bunch of tanks to finally make it back to the NA shop, so far everything I have wanted has shown up on EU in just the past 3 months….

    I do have a EU account, but the 180ms ping sucks, i normally have 15ms on na central.

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