Supertest: Province Map Changes

Province is currently being balanced (with no tier limitations for now).
Province has always been a special map. Some loved it, some hated it, some were always getting killed by invisible foes (regularly, within 10 seconds after battles started). It seemed there were no tankers with a neutral opinion on Province. When we took Province out of the game in 2015, the reaction was mixed. Quite a lot of people were actively demanding that we return it.
The map made its comeback in May 2018, and became special once again. The audience is split: some are grateful for having the legendary location back (there are such people, we swear), and some are asking us to introduce tier limitations. The latter are saying that the map is too crammed for top tier vehicles with great spotting ranges, and that the teams spend the battle being constantly lit up by the enemy. This opinion is expressed via the forum, the social networks, and YouTube. We want to assure you that we are following the situation and examining the feedback. Yet we think that some time is needed for the Province gameplay ‘stabilization’: the player base should get used to the location and develop map-specific tactics.
How long will it take? There’s no exact answer; still, when the audience adapts to a location, we see this—because that map’s overall stats stabilize. Usually this happens in 2 to 3 months after a map’s release. So, in Province’s case we’re not yet ready to introduce any tier limitations: we need more data to support the feedback. We’re going to monitor the average battle duration, how long different tanks survive on Province, what firing positions are most popular, and where vehicles are destroyed most often. The info we collect will influence the decision we take—together with your feedback. If the data supports the assumption that the map isn’t suitable for top tiers, and if the community members continue to insist on it, we’ll introduce the limitations by tier. Until then we kindly ask you to be patient, and share your reasoning in support (or against) the said limitations.

So what are we changing now if we’re not introducing limitations by tier?
Well there’s a certain imbalance in team positions, and we intend to get rid of it. The eastern side currently has an upper hand and wins more often. The western team has less firing positions so they have less opportunities for building up and developing attacks. Today we’ll try the improvements that should set the balance right.
Here they go:
1. The southwestern corner of the map. Several houses have been moved so it’s easier for the western team to shoot at their opponents right from the start. (The eastern side is already able to do that.)
2. Near the monastery, on the eastern side’s mountain slope. The nearby buildings’ geometry has changed, allowing the team attacking from below and firing from behind them to be more efficient.
3. We’ve added a cover that will help the western team in a fight for the eastern team’s mountain slope.
4. After the western side takes the position mentioned in (3), they can advance to a large rock which now is more comfortable as a cover and offers better protection from tank destroyer fire.
5. Both teams’ bases. We’ve added several covered positions inside the capture circles to decrease the amount of draws. In the current map setup it’s almost impossible to capture a base—both can be shoot through from any slope. Cover will increase your chances to grab a base, and will also make the defending team play more active. We’ll see whether this works; we know that lots of people dislike base cover so we’ll follow the issue closely.
6. We’ll cover the backs of tankers from the western team defending the uphill road from the eastern attackers. Currently they are often shot at from the opposing slope.

The Supertest starts today, and we need some time to analyze the results. We hope we’ll be able to eliminate the existing imbalance.
As soon as we decide the fate of Province, we’ll make an announcement shortly. Be sure to follow the news!

9 thoughts on “Supertest: Province Map Changes

  1. WG and there 4 minute turbo slaughter small corridor Maps

    nothing WG ever say reassures me in the slightest that anything they say there going to do is going to be the ‘good fix’ for Map problems

    unless the WG map Dev’s aka potato heads, start to PLAY the game themselves and every day all tiers and tank classes to see what we the players have to at time suffer playing there maps – this from there 9 to 5 desk-jobs

    this map is fine up to Tier 7
    ~ after that its just so stupid, and that fucking great huge open area ‘the Valley floor’ that’s 50% of this Map total area just wasted, again (what a surprise …………..

  2. “Quite a lot of people were actively demanding that we return it.”
    I don’t believe you.gif

  3. We need 2-3 months to see if tier limitations are needed.

    Meanwhile we play Mines with high-tier tanks since forever.

  4. This is a fucked up map. But look at the new Minsk map. Exactly the same a big camp fest and no go zone for 70% of the map. Waste of time.

  5. Honestly, even if the map was highly balanced and such, if the overall community feedback is negative, something should be done to the map. It looks as if change is happening to the map. I’m curious if the community’s perception will change, but I’m skeptical. We’ll just have to see.

  6. First I got to say: this map sucks hard.

    And now I wonder – why the devs have such limited imagination? Seems they operate with some very limited elements.

    Cover, hard and soft, concealment is limited to small patches of shrubs, forest is rare and mostly transparent. Steep climbs, they love it. Water, passable or deep.

    Why not create wooden bridges that will be passable to LTs only and will crumble when a heavier tanks are on it? Some are good for MTs.

    Why not make a large area of bushes and shrubs, large enough for small tanks and TDs to disappear into and surprise enemy by sudden attack?

    How about a mine field? Infantry mines won’t hurt heavies, make some damage to meds and cripple LTs. Anti tank mines will be slow enough to not kill LTs but deadly to big guys.

    A swamp that will make HTs stuck, as in real life, with narrow passages.

    The real world offers so much great and fun ideas for map making, but the boring devs will only shuffle same mountains and buildings into boring corridors. All maps now have same vanilla taste, they try to improve by adding some sh*t, then complain nobody likes it.

    1. Very good ideas mate, hope someone forwards this post to WG to open their weak brains.
      Funny though, how they admitt that province is too small for Tier X gameplay…… Yeah WG, ensk isnt?…getting spotted and shot at crossing railroad, 10sec into the game cuz the enemy scout drove just 80m forward is sooo fun….. Artys players dead 10sec into game, brilliant map design…… Himmelsdorf another example, just a big F###k Y## map for light tank drivers, arty, and any kind of soft skinned TD or medium tank….. Mines anyone? Abbey? Tier X cramped in a couple 100m squares out of a “1000X1000″or “800X800″maps….. I strongly believe that basically, these retards try to balance out tank classes not only by individual technicall characteristics, but also through map rotation and MM. Its the only game where you get punished for choosing specific tank classes (lights-arty-“support”), a PvP game where a NON PvP class exists (arty)….. Limited imagination in map design….. Hell give me a napkin and a couple of hours and ill give you 3-4 different maps with original design and gameplay,why cant they do it?

  7. Limit this to low tiers. That should be obvious but it looks like it will take a while to realize that. Too many maps with cities and funnels, not enough maps with real tank country terrain.

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