Supertest: Habich Ciężki Initial Stats

The Polish heavies’ Supertests are underway and today we’re ready to spill the beans on one more of these. The first heavy tank in the Polish branch, the Habich Ciężki (name not final) stands at Tier VII.

Tier VII is where the Polish mediums start to evolve into heavies. Like his bigger brothers, the Habich Ciężki has a gun with high alpha damage and excellent depression (-8°). At the same time it has a medium tank’s mobility: its specific power-to-weight ratio is 16.5 hp/ton. However a weakness is the armor which isn’t as solid as that of the top Poles. The turret is just well-protected against low-tier vehicles’ fire and the hull is even more vulnerable.

Its average armor prevents using this tank as a classical heavy. Its likely role on the battlefield is lending fire support to better protected allies. Think of it as of a high alpha gun that can be delivered to an advantageous position relatively fast.


Depending on the test outcome we may change this Habich Ciężki’s stats, so be sure to stay tuned and follow the news!

13 thoughts on “Supertest: Habich Ciężki Initial Stats

  1. Same problem with pretty much every tank introduced and already in the game: shitty when bottom tier, overpowered when top tier

  2. Seems like a nice tier 8 medium with 192 pen, 320 dmg and 2.3 sec aim time…oh wait…VII = 7

    Luckily WG in their wisdome balanced this powercreep by giving it 0.4 accuracy…pffft I though all was lost /s

  3. This actually looks pretty decent to me, I’d say that the T29 is a much tougher opponent than this thing.

    To me, it looks like a better armored and slower version of the AMX M4 45, not much else to say about it. At least on paper.

    1. hard to compare with T 29 because of the difference in mobility I think
      and T 29 is op as hell anyway

  4. Compared to m4 45

    Gun looks better for me
    less gun depression but turret is rounded so maybe its better

    and why slower ?
    Traverse is far better reverse is better same top speed
    depends on how the ground resistance is but it looks more mobil for me

    1. Huh. I was convinced the M4 45 was faster. My fault.

      Anyway, this thing will need to be much closer to fire consistently. If WG chooses to keep it like this, except for the excellent mobility for a heavy (and we don’t know about the terrain resistance, so yeah), it looks really acceptable to me.

  5. comrades lets make believe a tank into existence da!

    all we need do is cobble together some spare Russian tank bits, then mix some Polish make believe paper ideas tank bits, then throw it into computer software and new tank! just like that ….

    those nerdy WOT players will believe and do anything we want them to, they always do da!

    then we can print loads more money as they buy gold to convert there free experience (as they always do) all they race through the tech tree to the good make-believe-tanks at Tier 8 and above

    now about that new Greenland and Iceland tank tech tree we were talking about ………………….

  6. Why does a tier 7 HT have the same gun as the T32 and the vk45a, hello….stupid WG pawercrip.

  7. This actually looks relatively balanced.

    Strong hull down (but not as good as T-29),
    Russian view range & Accuracy,
    Decent frontal hull armor – on paper – fairly mobile – but not fast.
    Terrible flat side armor profile (easy pen for T6)

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