4 thoughts on “ELC EVEN 90 Available on EU

  1. Not a good tank, great camo, ok speed, no gun. Half an hour reload on the “no gun”.

    Tier 3 tank at tier 8. Tier down – 13 57 is twice a better tank.

    1. Nope, they nerfed its view range even prior to first release. The ONLY thing that helps it to spot is it’s camo efficiency ratings, so it can get closer to enemies than other tanks, which is good, coz those tier 9 and 10 heavy tanks, light tanks, medium tanks, tds, and screw it, SPGs all have better view range than even 90. And the closer you are to enemy, the more your life expectancy reduces, coz of the aforementioned tier 9 and 10s, with 7 skill crews, and all their ability to detect skill bonuses…when will the craziness end?. Now when WG are “super- dooper-blooper- testing” any new high tier tanks, they need to start including the multiple skill factors of the players crews to the balancing “act”, using gold ammo, and food, on their teeny -weeny-tiny maps with corridors, and severely restricting set areas of play per tank type.

    2. actually you can survive games with it…if your loseing.. camonet binos vents ans a bush.. you get 50% camo on the move and 60 stationary..with bond vent and camo directive. they have to get 50 meters to see you..

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