8 thoughts on “Pz. Kpfw III Ausf. K Available on EU

  1. to keep it short: that thing is USELESS. besides looking at it in the garage and for collectors (just to have it), IMHO any other way to spend your money is better, including throwing it out of the window, as watching it fly will be more enjoyable than playing with this “tank”.

  2. Wargaming have given this thing absurd dispersion values … .38 on a 75mm gun?! This tank has been designed to suck. Do yourselves a favour and spend the money elsewhere.

  3. Why would they make a tank like this?

    I can’t believe it gets reasonable stats, along with many other unplayable tanks, yet WG makes no effort to improve them and protect the investment of their clients.

    They just try and sell them again and again. I suspect some departments in WG have no idea of what’s going on in others. Same situation with limited MM tanks, they want them out but keep selling them.

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