Getting Dark Mode for TAP

Many of you have asked me in the last months to provide a dark mode for The Armored Patrol. Unfortunately I cannot implement one, but there are some workarounds you should consider, which also work for other sites.

Just look up „dark mode” extensions for your respective browser. Here are some I tried that work:

Dark Reader for Chrome: Link

Works best combined with a dark theme, you can get one by clicking here.

Dark Mode for Firefox: Link

Dark Firefox themes: Link

If you know good add-ons for other browsers, please write in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Getting Dark Mode for TAP

    1. On some sites and some applications you can switch the site/application to dark mode. It changs the background from (supposedly) white to black, and the text to white. It makes the site/app easier for the eyes when viewing in the dark. It doesn’t light up the surrounding as much either for that time you want to view something in bed and not disturb your sleeping SO 😉

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