1.0.2: Advanced Training

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Everyone could do with a little help or a hint now and then, and with the newest update, Advanced Training makes its way into the game. This means those of you struggling with a specific aspect of World of Tanks can consult the in-game menu.

Also, if you’re relatively new around here, make sure to check out our Chained Missions, which will teach you the basics and help you improve your tanker skills. These are some little extra applied lessons that help your development from Boot Camp.

Chained Missions are intended to benefit newer players after Boot Camp

In-Game Manual

Right now, in the main menu, you will find a new option called “In-Game Manual”. This is a collection of slides to explain some of the key features of World of Tanks: some of which are basic and some of which are a bit more advanced.

EXAMPLE: Say you find yourself wondering which tank type is for you (or you’re looking at researching a new branch), you can check out the guide to give you a better understanding of what roles the tanks play through the course of battle.

Even if you consider yourself a master tanker, it doesn’t hurt to take a look!

Chained Missions

For those of you new to World of Tanks or slightly inexperienced on the battlefield, we now have a selection of missions for you to complete to help you progress through the game and to teach you the basics so you can get the most out of your tanking career.

Each mission is linked so completing the previous mission unlocks the next in the chain. Don’t worry, we aren’t expecting any superhuman results or accomplishments from you to complete them.

9 thoughts on “1.0.2: Advanced Training

  1. It’s about time. Console have had this for years. Even the same info as loading screens. But at least it’s a start. Better late then never.

  2. Everyone i’ve tried to introduce to this game quit within a month lul

    that’s 4 people.

    1. Same experience here, people don’t stick to this game.

      And for good reasons too, people like to win, losing streaks 17 games wide is not welcomed. Seal clubbing is a common enough practice, so much so that I see more experienced players at tier 1 than tier 8. Noobs don’t have a chance. Even guided noobs.

      People do’t like to be manipulated, a platoon gets hammered by MM, and if somehow it’s on top, the team will be 10 bots and 3 retards. Activating a personal reserve instantly changes MM, no need for XVM, you can see that your team has a couple of fighters and the enemy full of experienced players. Turbo loss follows. Then another. Soon you learn not to use reserves.

      I accepted the fact that I relatively suck at this game. 51% and going down, a loss is not uncommon. Then I notice at the latest event, frontline, I constantly get in top 5 of my team. Is my skill suddently got better or is it the MM manipulations are off?

      This game better improve fast. Old players are gone and noobs are repelled.

      1. Yes, the seal clubbers. I played tier 2-3 when 1.0 was released to test performance etc and often saw the very same pro-seal clubbing clan (B_M_G) ravaging the gameplay with 3-platoons/70% winrate players in M2 Lights spamming gold. How fun is that for new players? I mean these guys average tier is 3-4 or something with 20k battles. I find it cowardly. I took out one of these (serj_j) and it was better than sex..

        1. Seal clubbers can play with new player on low tiers only if they make new account. It’s much more fun and profitable to seal club on high tiers.

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