WoT Supertest – Minsk And Poland

Today there will be two new maps on the Supertest – a concept of a new location in Poland, and a map based on the city of Minsk. The first one is a mixed map, the second one being a city map.

Earlier, prototypes were shown, and now the final versions are ready to be tested, so that they can be further tweaked and balanced.







The map faithfully recreates the city of Minsk from the 70s. Although some elements were changed for gameplay reasons, the Victory Square, and the building of the State Circus were recreated very well. Other buildings and landmarks should also be recognizable for the citizens or people who visited.

The map has three main play zones:

  • The city zone around the Victory Square – this is the heavy tank crucible
  • The middle part of the map – full of bushes and small hills
  • The crossing of the main roads is the spot for fast tanks with guts who like flanking – the ideal place for LTs and MTs











This is a big, spacious map, based on real topographic data (with some modifications for better gameplay). Poland will be a big and open map, but also full of opportunities to spot and use your camo. It will deliver a lot of places to shoot from comfortably, and also a lot of places where the lumbering hulks will feel well.

We expect a lot of action in the following places:

  • Brickyard – the main, isolated zone for the heavy tanks. From there on you can use the gorge to safely enter the enemy base
  • The gorge, beside being a shortcut to the brickyard, will also play a crucial role in keeping control over the center of the map
  • The village – it’s on the frontline and cuts it into two parts. There are many bushes between indestructible buildings

6 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Minsk And Poland

  1. As with all maps, one cannot judge a map by it’s preview screenshots. Although the new engine does make for nice looking graphics.
    An aerial preview video is needed to get a better impression. Esp. to see whether or notthe map contain certain terrain features that are degradating for gameplay/balance.
    A.k. TOO large and wide open and TOO flattened terrain with encompassing edging ridgelines (+bushes) high enough to perfectly go hull down (what we saw in Erlenberg/Fjords reworked areas).

    – The Mink city map
    It on first sight looks rather fine.
    Enough flanking option between the blocks of buildings on either side. Unless WG map design geniuses were ordered by marketing/management/producers to funnel those and cut routes off with rubble pile feature we regularly see.

    – The Poland map
    On first sight it looks graphically nice.
    Although some terrain “features” seen in the screenshots I find troublesome. Esp on screenshots 8 to 10.
    The terrain looks in part to have been made TOO large and open and flat. Near to no undulations can be seen and those areas edges are encompassed by hulldown ridges and or with bushed areas. This make these part of the map non-cross-able, like we have seen in Fjords/Erlenberg/Fishermans Bay.

    By the looks of it these maps are ALREADY too far into development to be changed on these account. So I hope an aerial preview video will give better impressions.

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