Supertest: Polish tech tree

  • 4TP (LT-1, Poland, standard)
  • 7TP (LT)
  • 10TP (LT)
  • 14TP (LT)
  • 25TP KSUST II (MT)
  • 40TP Habicha (MT)
  • 45TP Habicha (HT)
  • 53TP Markowskiego (HT)
  • 50TP Tyszkiewicza (HT)
  • 60TP Lewandowskiego (HT)

20 thoughts on “Supertest: Polish tech tree

  1. Siema! I will definitely pay gold and put Romanian flags on these just to aggravate the PL debils.

    1. I like physics but I love pissing off pollack players. Your Romanian flag on pl tank is intriguing. I might have to steal it

  2. So only CS tech tree will never have VIII premium…. Poland isnt in game yet and have VIII…

    1. There will be a CS VIII at some point in time or if you use Wargaming terminology: soonTM

      1. Sadly, no. If you are interested in it you can check the video of quickybaby, he posted of that and the tier 9 tank yesterday.

  3. Napkins, napkins everywhere.
    Next year they are introducing the full Nigerian tech tree. They discovered a bunch of sikrit documintz)) in a dusty Nigerian basement, deep in the heart of Africa. There will be 10 tiers, all tanks had prototypes made, and some, in the skilled cunning linguistics of WG – “the project was abandoned in the earliest early stages of planning a draft of a sketch of a blueprint on a napkin”. These Nigerian tanks will be 111% historical and will begin with a tier VIII premium tank, the Nigerian captured Obj. 268 ver. 4, nicknamed “Muboojoobu” (Nigerian word for “moneyz”). The price is only 99.99 shekels – a real trifle for German wallet warriors.

    1. Hehehe..! Although Nigerians did actually have some sort of “tanks” during the Biafra War…

      1. agreed, I am currently waiting on wet paper towel tanks from Somalia also.

  4. Still hoping they add a Romanian tech tree somewhere in the future 🙂

  5. The superior tech tree, 3rd kingdom is finally here wahaha, capice? All roman soldiers were polish and we poles own all deli-shops in new york. We new york mafia, cosa nostre ripping white people left n rite.

    1. You are trash. It will be useful when you debils gets more predictable because you won’t play nothing else than these tanks

  6. Once again WG introduces fantasy napkins and says they doesn’t see anything suitable in almost complete trees like Swiss and Czech.

  7. More Russian clones … just weaker, because nothing can be good as the OP Soviet lines. If you watch the WG Polish tanks video, it’s always ” just like the Russian tanks…. but weaker armour and slower” Nerf Russian tanks then start adding other countries.

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