Supertest: Polish tech tree

  • 4TP (LT-1, Poland, standard)
  • 7TP (LT)
  • 10TP (LT)
  • 14TP (LT)
  • 25TP KSUST II (MT)
  • 40TP Habicha (MT)
  • 45TP Habicha (HT)
  • 53TP Markowskiego (HT)
  • 50TP Tyszkiewicza (HT)
  • 60TP Lewandowskiego (HT)

20 thoughts on “Supertest: Polish tech tree

    1. I like physics but I love pissing off pollack players. Your Romanian flag on pl tank is intriguing. I might have to steal it


      1. Sadly, no. If you are interested in it you can check the video of quickybaby, he posted of that and the tier 9 tank yesterday.


  1. Napkins, napkins everywhere.
    Next year they are introducing the full Nigerian tech tree. They discovered a bunch of sikrit documintz)) in a dusty Nigerian basement, deep in the heart of Africa. There will be 10 tiers, all tanks had prototypes made, and some, in the skilled cunning linguistics of WG – “the project was abandoned in the earliest early stages of planning a draft of a sketch of a blueprint on a napkin”. These Nigerian tanks will be 111% historical and will begin with a tier VIII premium tank, the Nigerian captured Obj. 268 ver. 4, nicknamed “Muboojoobu” (Nigerian word for “moneyz”). The price is only 99.99 shekels – a real trifle for German wallet warriors.

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  2. The superior tech tree, 3rd kingdom is finally here wahaha, capice? All roman soldiers were polish and we poles own all deli-shops in new york. We new york mafia, cosa nostre ripping white people left n rite.

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    1. You are trash. It will be useful when you debils gets more predictable because you won’t play nothing else than these tanks


  3. More Russian clones … just weaker, because nothing can be good as the OP Soviet lines. If you watch the WG Polish tanks video, it’s always ” just like the Russian tanks…. but weaker armour and slower” Nerf Russian tanks then start adding other countries.


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