Supertest: Chimera

The postwar design of a heavy British tank, capable of competing equally with the Soviet IS-3 tank. Despite the originality of the solutions and the use of experience from the German tank construction school, the project did not arouse interest and work on it was discontinued.

Tier: MT-8, Great Britain, premium
HP: 1 400
Engine: 1 040 hp
Mass: 56,436 t
Maximum load: 60 t
Power-to-weight: 18,43 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 50 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 36 °/s
Turret turning speed: 33,4 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,959 / 1,055 / 1,822
View range: 380 m
Radio range: 782,1 m

Hull armor: 114,3 / 76,2 / 50 mm
Turret armor: 203,2 / 76,2 / 76,2 mm

Gun: QF 5-in. Gun

Alpha Damage: 490 / 490 / 630
Penetration: 202 / 252 / 64 mm
Rate of fire: 4,469 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 190
Reload time: 13,425 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,336
Aiming time: 2,4 s
Depression/elevation: -10 / +20

Crew – 4 members: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader


73 thoughts on “Supertest: Chimera

  1. Low hull
    Tall turret compared to the hull
    120-ish gun (127 mm, 5 inches)

    FV4202 has a low hull and tall turret too and it was a concept for the Chieftain… so why not this one too ? Even though it’s classified as a medium and Chieftain was classified (in WoT) as a heavy tank…

    1. it does seem similar to a mix between FV4202 and the Centurion, but you can’t expect it to play like a medium
      the low profile is countered by the large turret needed to efficiently operate the large caliber gun, even so the ROF is low for a medium, I honestly think this tank will play like a TD due to it’s impressive ALPHA DMG, 490 on a tier 8 is ideal as a KO tank against already damaged enemies, in my opinion that will be it’s priority (removing the number of enemy guns as quickly as possible) instead of being the one to initiate the hostilities

    1. Yeah, most of brit tanks in the game look like some makeshift contraptions put together by people who have seen tanks one or twice in the past, but from very far away, and couldn’t really remember any details. Not that they aren’t functional. But they are fugly indeed.

      Charioteer is the only vehicle in the whole brit tech tree that has decent looks.

    2. I for one love that angular design and despise feminine round shaped tanks like progetto m35 turret for example.
      Looks awesome, design- and statswise.
      Powercreep is inevitable in most f2p games so deal with it.

  2. Wg balance departmennt gobbling crayons faster than they can digest wow.
    What the fuck is this 490 alpha on medium with heavy tank armor?

    1. -It is only medium by name
      -that heavy tank armor is useless against tier 8’s and up due to not being angled in the slightest

      This is a british skorpion g with 20% less dpm and a higher top speed

  3. This is really over the top. 490 alpha on a T8 premium MEDIUM is really the most obvious powercreep ever seen. Add to this heavy tank armor and you can clearly see that wargayming balance department probably went to space already

  4. Why isn’t this a heavy we have 2 tier 8 Brit meds but not one heavy released

  5. For some reason as soon as I saw the image I thought it was the Vickers MBT. They could definitely get away with using this as a standard tier 8 leading into them… but that would require WG to use logic, understanding and foresight… three elements that WG lack large quantities of

    1. Forget about logic. That mostly means one less premiums, so less money.

    2. Where are you taking the notion from, that this is a premium vehicle? This is not a premium tank.

      1. Of course it is.

        The only times WG introduces non-premium vehicles are :
        -the first necessary branch to make a new nation (once a year)
        -soviet tanks (twice a year)

        This tank is neither part of a new nation or part of the soviet tech tree. Therefore it is a premium.

        Other proof to support that is that it is overpowered. And all tier 8 tanks that are overpowered must be premiums because people will buy them.

      2. I don’t know, probably where it says “Tier: MT-8, Great Britain, premium”

  6. The only time I would not mind WG changing prem tanks is buffing the FV201 and place it on t8……

  7. Seems like a British answer to the Revalorisé.

    Although its faster, is lower profile, got better armour, is a fraction more accurate & has 300 more dpm.

    Yup seems balanced.

    The HESH at least has nerfed pen. Although this will still make an excellent SkorpionG hunter (2 Shot) with that mobility & 630 alpha HE.

    1. We don’t know soft stats. Ravioli, for one, has amazing gun handling, for the alpha it has.

  8. You liked the skorpion ?
    Well you’ll love this thing. Same alpha, actual armor, faster turret, lower profile overall. And rather fast too. With decent dpm. And I assume decent gun depression as well.

    If this thing doesnt get an extra second of reload, an extra 0.2 dispersion and terrible terrain resistances before launch, we’re in for the next most popular premium after the skorpion. And because the armor isnt that insane either it wont get removed for being unkillable by lower-and-equal tiers.

    1. It’s actually worse than that. If it’s a medium it will have an access to V-Stab on top of all of it.

    2. Well, scorpion sold very well so why not a brit version with enough armor to bounce t6-8. Hookers and coke dont pay for themselves

  9. Turn it into an actual HT tank. That’ll give me a fucking reason to consider this. To train for the Super C. But nooo not enough MT -_-

  10. are 2,4s aimtime and 0,336 accuracy too good for 490 alpha at tier 8 ?

    1. For a medium tank, yes.
      This thing has the biggest caliber gun for a medium tank, it has workable armor, and it’s a tier 8 premium.

      Usualy mediums with over 105mm calibers suffer from bad accuracy and aim time, and death-star levels of dispersion when moving. 0.33 accuracy and 2.4s aim time for this caliber on a med, when even some tier 10s cant have that, it’s a complete joke.

      Our last hope is that the stabilization will be the worst in the game. Skorpion has a shitty stabilization and its a TD with no armor, so this medium needs to be even worse.

  11. I really like the look of this tank. Now balans it a little. please comrades. I don’t want to buy OP tonk. and I love the look of this one too much NOT to buy it.

  12. Balancing team:
    – alpha: 490
    – precision: 0.35
    – speed: 50
    – depression: -10
    – gold ammo: 252mm
    They replaced Murazor by somebody as intelligent.

    That’s why i got tired by WoT (compared for example to Warships) : your own premium tanks are devalued by newer more and more OP premiums, your regular tanks have to deal with premium tanks better than them and are now the shadows of what they used to be, tier 6 and 8 are spammed by premiums even in the modes that were fun to play …

  13. Why would you even put this on supertest? 490 alpha on a 18hp/t Medium along with outstanding 2,1k dpm?

    1. Because of moneys and the monkey ST-ers thinking that such thing is a good thing.

  14. Let’s do something funny. Compare it to the Panther 8.8

    Seriously, they have to be shitting us. This is powercreep at it’s finest. Total bullshit. WG is losing their senses.

  15. Would be a good tier 9 premium, as was the 252U/Defender and others, in it’s current state, shape and form.

    As to make in a not balance wrecking tier 8 premium, it needs to be substantially toned down in the Alpha and DPM departments.
    Knowing WG this will be pushed though to release while the flaws, issues and balance consequences were clearly pointed out.

    Pitty on the fools who are blissfully unware, or fully aware (even worse), one can only laugh out loud.

  16. 490 dmg on a tier VIII medium tank
    not even Obj.430 ir 121 (r.i.p) got that alpha, the hell are those subhumans huffings ?

  17. This powercreeps the Ravioli real hard – good armor for a medium, much higher alpha with slightly better pen on both standard and gold, better hp/t, better speed, reload and aimtime are very similar.

  18. HESH round as standard ammo?! Am I seeing right, if that’s the case that will be ridiculously OP!

    It will be weird hitting well spaced armored and well armored tanks… however this will wreck skorp Gs.

  19. A tier 8 medium has more standard AP alpha damage than any of the tier 8 heavies (other than oho derp) as well as any other tier 9 and 10 medium

    Typical WG

  20. I am interested in the history behind this one, I know that they have had someone working in the British archives for more paper projects to include, but the stats, particularly the gun but also the mobility as well as the names (no A or FV number or some paper project/prototype equivalent) for this or the Excalibur makes me a bit suspicious about the historousity of these models (a bit less the Excalibur which has clear visual links to the FV300 series; this one appears to be a mish mash of late war, early post war and quite significantly post war British design cues). I am further unaware of any work on a post war 5in tank gun. I appreciate that I don’t have access to all the information that Wargaming’s people working in the archives do, but this one seems a bit wrong.

    I would prefer to see some of the well known British vehicles/projects not currently in game (A29, A37, A38 Mk.I, A38 Mk.II, A40, A44, A46, T95/Chieftain, AC 1B, AC 2, AC 3, Cruiser Tank Ram Mk.I, Light Tank Mk. VIII Harry Hopkins, FV205, A43 with A41 Mk.3 turret) get some love before the extremely obscure or dare I say it fictional tanks.

    1. Both projects are very much the real deal. School of tank technology designs. there is a lot of people don’t know about UK armour development. It won’t have an A number its post 56. FV numbers are given on acceptance of GSOR as a general rule of thumb. 5 inch, 110mm 115mm and 130mm were all post-war gun designs by the UK as well.

  21. 490 alpha and above 2000 dpm on a tier 8 premium medium? WTF is WG thiking? There should not be a 490 alpha gun on any medium in the game. What happened to HTs wth 320 alpha and MTs with 240 alpha on tier 8?

  22. So I guess my Revalorise got even more powercreeped?. Cool, not that the Rev is a bad tank, but this just looks more interesting in my opinion, better combination of armor, speed,DPM, alpha etc etc. It just seems better in most aspects, can’t wait to see the gun dispersion values.

  23. This would be a OP tier 9 MT if it has more HP and some better DPM….Wg are jokes. What ape is behind this proposal, he or they should be sent to jail and make sure they don’t pass on their bad genes to the rest of the human race.

    1. It only needs more HP and 15 mm more pen on both rounds for being a better tier 9 than the Cent 7/1…

  24. 0.33 base accuracy is too fucking much. We have tier 8 tanks with less alpha that has fucking 0.38 and above accuracy. WG apes, fuck murazor and slava makarov and Victor and all those fuckers. Just nuke WG office so some others can take over the gaem.

  25. I want this tank, wallet open with this stats, as tier VIII meets tier X, you are all just whinners, no one cares… WG wants money and for this I pay with no problem. Addind such premiums is fine, when I pay for something i want it good, not just regular s..t tier VIII who after researching tier IX, no one plays then. WG add please more such a premiums, no problem to pay for them and ignore the whinnin bobs mostly on this and others forums… 95% of the players, the silent ones, want such good premiums…

    1. People like you are the cause of the current state of this game. And I bet you are bad at this game too.

      1. Play this game from 2011, think of July, EU server, 25K battles, some 20 tier X tonks / of course premium account /, WN8 cca 1900 and i saw a lot s..t in this game… the only thing i could do during that time was to adapt, nothin else helps, i like tanks and stuff around it, WoT has no real concurence, dont want to quit…. maybe addiction, passion?? dont know. But you must always adapt… a lot whinnin about tier VIII, people say still bottom tier, i dont have problem with that, you must adapt and think, then when are you top tier in tier VIII, what are sayin that poor tier 6? hmm? Dont know what to say more, if you want my account real name, can write you…

        1. Well, you are playing longer than me, so I have to take back some words… However, if we keep paying WG, they will never listen. That’s what I meant to say.

          Don’t give them a dime untill they unfuck the game.

          1. Yes, are absolutely right, they are sometimes like company from another dimension… thats really catastrophic… only rant can help, imo currently there is a big scandal in CZECH and SLOVAK community with that cheatin CC and most shockin is the way how WG is solving that scandal…. I spent a lot money in WoT, but thats was my rightfully earned money. Also time, but i choosed to spent it that way… There will be always balance issues in WoT, when adding constant new tanks, specially premium “baits”, thats the fate of WoT. Dont want to bother you mnore my friend, i researched the object 140 just recently, after 6 years, after playin batchat, E50M, and i just stayed shocked how OP that tank is, absolutely top tier X med (dont have obj 907;).. the russian bias is strong…

            1. You are absolutely right. I don’t mind spending money on this game. WG is a business, they need to make money. But if I invest money in something, I have expectations. And WG doesn’t live up to those expectations. They have to tweak their businessmodel. Now their income is at cost of the gameplay (OP premiums fucking up balance and goldammo), but they can choose to do it in another way.

              Keep players happy and they’ll be happy to spend their money.

        2. many players dont know what they want. they don’t understand balance in game designs with 1/2 thinking it means all vehicles are exactly the same and the other half crying if anything beats them as OP. If it had come out with slightly better stats than the top vehicle OP, slightly less Russian Bias etc. you can’t beat the vocal crybaby millennials, ignore them.

  26. Inb4 it has a dispersion on the move the size of Murazor’s incompetence. They need to show soft stats to people so we know what we are actually looking at.

  27. This tanks needs a massive nerf hammer. 440 alpha at the most, increase dispersion to .40, reload 16s. Lower pen as well for both AP and Prem.

  28. It needs 280 dmg maximum, that is the same as on the caernarvon. Tier 8 MTs should have 240-250 dmg, only a few exeptions should they have 320 and 390 dmg.

  29. Just make the alpha 390/440 and give it 490/560 damage HESH. I would rather have a premium charioteer than this op MF

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