Perfecting Preferential Premiums (KV-5 nerf)


As we head into the summer, we keep addressing our huge to-do list and bumping the most important topics to the top. Next in line is the preferential Premiums issue. The question has been up in the air for a while now, but before we jump headlong into it, here’s a historical note.

A little over a year ago, World of Tanks upgraded to version 9.18, introducing important enhancements to the game’s matchmaker. As opposed to its predecessor, the new version’s functionality was based on several templates that regulated pre-battle team formation. Since then, the tool has gone through several changes, until it reached a level of performance that met the expectations of both the community and the dev team.

So, now that the game has proper team distribution, mismatches are a rare case. Everyone’s happy, right? Not really. The new approach benefited everyone, apart from preferential Premium vehicles.

Why is it even a problem?

The coin has two sides. The first issue comes from the main feature of preferential Premiums—tier-range balance. Starting from mid tiers, all vehicles have the –2/+2 tier range. This means that if you’re rolling out in your King Tiger, you could find yourself on top of the list with clumsy Churchills or tiny AMX 12t’s. On the other hand, there are chances to land at the very bottom, facing mighty IS-4’s and fearsome T95s.

With preferential Tier VIII Prems, you won’t encounter an opponent higher than Tier IX, which should make life easier. But the new matchmaker struggles with these machines. It takes more time and computations for the tool to balance them properly, which extends queuing time. This is what happens next: the matchmaker starts grabbing an excessive number of Tier IX tanks to fill up team rosters for preferential Prems, so they become deficit when it comes to forming teams for Tier X machines. The matchmaker then looks for something to fill the gaps for Tier X’s, and look who’s here. Hello, Tier VIII’s! Come here, little fellas.

The second issue is preferential Prems’ combat specs. They always were lower than what the competition had—for the sake of balance. After 9.18 came out with the 3/5/7 distribution rule and its derivatives, preferential Prems would often fight against vehicles of the same tier or higher, which means they find themselves on uneven playing field. Imagine you’re commanding your KV-5 and in the vast majority of cases you’re somewhere in the middle, up against a full stack of IS-3’s, Ferdinands, Pershings, and other top Tier VIII folks. Add a couple of Tier IX’s to the equation, and your chances of surviving aren’t that pretty.

We’re now into fixing both these issues, and this is how we want to do it:

  • Matchmaker: reduce queuing time, ease calculations
  • Specs: turn preferential Premium tanks into well-rounded, competitive machines

How come it took so long?

It’s the price you might pay for an error. There’s a lot of preferential tanks in battle as we speak, so we’ll have to process a multitude of options before settling on a happy medium.

Initially, we took two different directions—or approaches.

The “global” direction would tweak the work of the balancer, so that preferential Premiums have higher chances of getting into the top 3 of the 3/5/7 list. Ideally, this solution would be beneficial for these machines, with no need for substantial edits to their specs. The reality, however, hit us in the face during several internal tests and simulations, which indicated minor improvements countered by an overall decline in matchmaking performance. It left us no other choice than to abandon this approach.

The “local” direction was to opt for an individual approach to every model, bringing the changes they need and thus reducing the overall negative impact made by preferential Premiums on the matchmaker. After a series of tests, this proved to be the go-to solution, but caused another problem. Some of the current preferential Prems are so “old” in terms of combat characteristics that simply dragging slider boxes with their specs won’t help. It turned out some vehicles require major revision, while we also want to maintain the same character they have now.

We don’t want to turn an assault tank into an ambush vehicle. We want to preserve or even emphasize their distinct features.

At the same time, we plan to give players the opportunity to decide whether an updated tank is relevant for them. Therefore, every tanker will be able to exchange a particular machine through the special trade-in option for an exclusive list of tanks not available in the common trade-in. The cost of this kind of exchange will not exceed 2000 Gold. Thus, each owner of a preferential Premium will have 2 options:

  • Keep their machine after its specs have been improved
  • Exchange it for another, more suitable vehicle, with a small surcharge in Gold

The pioneer

We mentioned the KV-5 for a reason, as it will be the very first tank to go through the overhaul. The reason we chose this vehicle is because it’s the ultimate experimental subject: a veteran preferential Premium tank that stands out thanks to its combat role and characteristics. It meets all our requirements better than any other on the list.

The updated version of the KV-5 will retain its main features, remaining a heavily armoured vehicle with a huge pool of hit points and the high rate of fire. We’re raising its penetration values to 218/243 mm (for the base and the Premium shell, accordingly) and would like to see how it behaves with 330 points of alpha damage. The latter is a questionable improvement, so we’ll be tracking stats and your feedback closely before making any solid decisions.

We’re also increasing its frontal armour: the loader’s turret will get 190 mm instead of 150 mm, while the radio operator’s turret will become 200 mm thick, in contrast with the current 180 mm, and the driver’s turret will go from 150 mm to 200 mm. The overall thickness of the main turret will reach 220 mm, turning the KV-5 into a full-scale heavy tank.

At the same time, we’ll have to pull down some of its current characteristics. For the KV-5, those will be the side and the rear armour—to avoid turning the vehicle into an invulnerable, destructive beast. We want the tank to become a frontline expert, a raging bull ready to tear down enemy defences or meet an assaulting opponent with a welcoming heavy counterpunch, yet be vulnerable to flanking or rear attacks.

We’ll start implementing these changes almost immediately. The first iteration of testing will kick off within the next week, and the final list of changes will greatly depend on how the updated KV-5 feels and delivers in battle.

Considering the above improvements, the KV-5 will become a competitive combat vehicle capable of withstanding any opponent effectively. Moreover, the overhauled vehicle will be able to oppose Tier X vehicles. The cost of these improvements is the standard range of battles, no preferential matchmaking that will no longer be needed with the new technical characteristics. New challenges and new opportunities for the U.S.S.R. giant.

The issue of preferential Premiums is key to us, so we plan to conduct numerous internal tests, trying various options for tuning these tanks. As always, your feedback is highly appreciated, so stay tuned and share your thoughts on the forums.

115 thoughts on “Perfecting Preferential Premiums (KV-5 nerf)

  1. Why would this be a nerf? Side armor is still plenty to sidescrape with, rear armor is weaker sure but the only ones complaining will be those who drove their KV-5 ass-first, the rest are all improvements as far as I can see.

    1. Because it will no longer be a pref tank therefore these buffs don’t mean much to the eyes to a tier 10

      1. By that reasoning, every Tier 8 tank means nothing because it has full MM and sees Tier 10. This is not a problem of Tier 8 tanks, but of WG being inept at balancing the powergap between tiers (which is nothing new and has been an issue since forever).

    2. I think that it was in Murazor’s last Q&A where he talked about preferential MM premiums and how loowering their tier, after nerf/balance, could be a solution to avoid complete removal, which makes sense and could definitly work in the KV-5 case
      in this specific case I do not think a compensation would be needed because for a long time the KV-5 was totally OP at Tier 8 and no one complained, in addition making it Tier 7 would also make it’s gameplay more dynamic due to the gun being closer to it’s natural Tier

      this could be the solution for many of them, although there’s a special case with the AMX CDC that should be made a TD (as it was designed) and benefit from TD mechanics (especially those related to concealment), furthermore it is also know that it’s low traverse speed akes it harder to play as a MT

      1. Strange logic. So, If, let’s say, Microsoft updates ruin your OS that functioned well for years, you don’t need compensation? For years it was the best, now suffer and no compensation.

        They offered a product, with certain features, people payed because it was good. Product got nerfed by powercreep and now nerfed again to fit in stinky dumb MM, I think a compensation is in order.

        1. really? do you believe that logic applies? let’s look at the KV-5, it had always been OP at tier 8 but because it’s gun was too weak (the same 107mm Zis-6 found on the Tier 6 T-150) it received preferential MM, that made the life of the payers too comfortable
          now let’s say theydo things right and finally make the KV-5 what it was designed to be and finally get’s placed at Tier 7, the KV-5 would still brush off most tier 7’s and be extremely competitive against Tier 8’s (in some cases with the help of premium ammo) while it’s gun would struggle vs Tier 9’s, so, where or how can you say the KV-5 stoped performing? wouldn’t it stay basically the same but at the same time more acessible for lower tiers and same tier tanks to attack it from the side? why would you still need a compensation for it since it wil still pay-off as much as before?

          unfortunatly it seems WG chose to go with the unrealistic buff strategy once again, especially the gun, I would understand if they said that standard ammo would become APCR and added some more modern APCR or APDS, or even HEAT, as premium ammo for it but they didn’t, now I wonder if they will call it KV-5 FT after what they did with the Chinese TD’s

  2. Something had to be done. It’ll suck in tier 10 games, but will actually work in tier 8 and 9 games.

    Right now the poor beast is atrocious even in tier 8 games. The new age superheavies and premiums just roll over this thing.

  3. So now my question is, is it WG who calls this a “KV-5 nerf” or is it you ? Because this is anything but a nerf. So if it’s WG, they just try to make us expect the worse so we are happier than if they said it was a buff. But if it’s you, I don’t see what interest you have in blatantly lying like this.

    Because this is clearly not a nerf, unless increasing front armor by 40mm on an already-strong tier 8 tank and increasing its pen while keeping over 100mm of side armor, for a game where you’re in corridors most of the time, and at tier 8, can be called a nerf.

      1. With the way this tank should be played, gold doesnt make a difference. Only HE does.

        1. It’s a nerf because the power of this tank and the kv4 is all about baiting shots by giving the opponent your juicy sides. You literally drive at them at a 45 degree angle and most people will happily shoot the side.

          You also make sure to never face directly at your opponent. Wait for him to shoot and only then return fire.

  4. I do think this is the correct way to approach the issue of limited MM, though it would have been so much simpler and easier to just drop the KV-5 to tier 7 with normal MM and rebalance there. If it keeps the same earning potential, that would be a sweet deal.

  5. OH dear this isn’t going to end well,
    The buff would be great if it’s MM stayed the same , but tier 9 tanks will still auto pen it all day
    So what will a tier X do to it, remembering the thing is hard to miss as well.

    Super Pershing will get better pen and it will be much worse off for it unless or even if they boost its speed, A lot

    Type 59 with more pen and armour and give it back its speed nice 🙂
    IS-6, WZ-111 and 112 all up gunned and up armoured, The defender might have challengers

    JT88 will be problematic the 88 can only be buffed so far, so a new gun 10.5 ? if so its service costs will sky rocket.

    Cant wait an up gunned E25 though

    and nearly all tier 5 premiums have PMM I think lots of work will take years to implement,
    Time would be better spent making MM work with PMM as rebalance will have winners and loser’s

    Dam but I forgot the real reason WG want to go down this road the 2000 gold to trade tanks in,

    If your going to offer trade-ins they should be FREE

    1. “Cant wait an up gunned E25 though”

      That is already in the game. It is called Kanonenjagdpanzer and it’s decidedly underwhelming, said by someone who actually likes to take it out for joyrides when his clan feels silly in T8 SH.

    2. WZ-111 and 112 don’t need armor buff, they need better standard/gold penetration and possibly better gun handling as well (debatable). They might be the easiest tanks of the lot to rebalance.

      1. This. They are already both based on higher tier tanks, they just use the tier 7 122mm gun. Give them their respective tier 8 122mm and boom, it’s done.

      2. They do not need better gold penetration. They already have 250 HEAT

        1. You think 250mm of HEAT pen is sufficient when most of the battles they will see will be tier 10?
          Nice joke.

          1. 250 is fine for a Tier 8, it’s the overarmored no ws bullshit toys that make it look bad (VK 100, Maus, Mauschen, VK B, Type 4/5, half the Russian Tier 9-10s).

      3. Just give the 112 and WZ111 the 100mm gun from the 110, done.
        The 100mm from the 110 is an excellent gun, more then capable of dealing with tier 10. Maybe make it a 105mm with slightly better pen, and done.

        1. I’d rather they keep their 122mm guns but with better pen, so they will end up like the IS-3A (which has 221 standard pen iirc, don’t remember HEAT pen on that though).

    3. If they add a 105 to jagd88, it wouldn’t be the jagd88 anymore Sound dumb but is true. What they could do is increase the penetration to god levels with apcr while keeping the low alpha damage Maybe a pseudo UDES gun but the tank trades camo and speed for armor

      1. this is a tank game they can make a 1mm gun have 600000 pen if they wanted :/

    4. A replacement of the Jagdtiger 8,8 for the Historical Jagdtiger would be better.

      1. Like the Jahgdtiger 8.8 is not a historical vehicle, rigth? Please check your records.

  6. NO, I would rather see premium 8s nerfed then lose their pref MM. I have 9 t8 premium tanks purchased over the course of seven years and 6 of them are pref tanks for a reason. the kv5 pref would preform better agianst 9s then the new kv5 vs a 10. if you are going to push this I beg you to give the option to keep the old and “weak” t8 prefs.

    1. Yeah.
      Every tank with 61mm or more can sidescrape equally good against any gun in the game as long as it doesn’t overangle (less than 70°).
      However a 150mm plate will still maintain 300mm effective armor at 65° which is very useful even against tier 10s. A 130mm plate will only be 260mm effective armor at an 65° angle thus dramatically decreasing it’s effective use against tier 10s.

      Oh and as I was just looking this up it seems in World of Tanks when you have an armor plate with nominal thickness T you get T x 2 effective armor at a 65° original angle.

  7. This is the definition of powercreep… This armour is just too good. Combine that with high ROF and nice alpha damage, and the Tiger II basically becomes a t7 with T10 MM.

    1. Tiger II is already a T7 tank, though they call it VK45.03 for some reason. *sarcasm*

    1. they said in another article that the E25 doesn’t need any buff to go to normal matchmaking

      1. It needs a pen buff, tho.
        150mm of pen isn’t going to cut it against tier 9s

  8. Better pen values are an obvious change, as the tank will need them to fight against more frequent tier 9 opponents and also tier 10 enemies too. However frontal armour changes are retarded. For tier 9 and 10, and even for many tier 8 tanks the armour increase will not make a difference and they will still be able to pen it anytime. But for lower tiers it will be a much more difficult tank to deal with and much more deadly too, due to it’s better pen.

    In short, with proposed changes higher tiers will still laugh at it and lower tiers will get screwed a big time.

    If WG has the same idea for the rest of the heavies with pref MM then it will be 10 times worse than introducing Defender to the game. Hordes of tanks that are equally helpless against tier 9 and 10 and fully idiot proof when top tier.

  9. As a long term KV-5 owner/lover overangling and by that baiting people into shooting your very thick side armor and bounce was one of my main strategies. I would rather keep the 150mm sidearmor and at the same time keep the old R2D2 as a tradeoff.

  10. Problem is that our property, as such, game tank payed for with real money, gets powercreeped and decimated with stupid mm, now we get an option, lose an integral feature – pref MM, or pay up to get another tank, still no pref MM.

    The players of KV5 got cheated, again and again. Now adding insult to injury WG insults us with ridiculous offers.

    Big problem with MM? Easy, money back, not gold, money. And do what you want, I might buy the new KV5. Or not. I might buy something in another game.

    But WG offers no refund option, therefore, I will not agree to damaging-nerfing my goods! Want to buff up? No problem. Nerfs? NO! remove pref MM? NO! I do not agree to damage my goods bought with real money.

    WG has enough regular tanks to change back and forth and replace all together after people grinded for a year to get them.

    1. As far as I know, any premium tanks purchased are still WGs property, we merely purchase the right to play them. So I’m afraid it’s not “your” tank, therefore WGs can do whatever they want to it and all options like trade-ins or refunds are only to prevent angry mobs camping the WG headquarters with torches and pitchforks.
      But I agree that the “up to 2k gold”-trade-in is not a satisfying option, if someone was to demand a refund, be it gold or actual money, they should definitely get it.

      1. The Super Pershing incident has set precedent to the contrary. The tank may belong to WG, and they may have a legal right to nerf it, but customers also have the right to rage and quit the game if treated unjustly.

        The will to keep customers happy will justly overcome the desire to be legally right. A company blind to this fact will disappear faster than you an say Warthunder.

      2. They can do whatever they want to it? Settle down Putin. This isn’t Russia.

  11. Is it a nerf tho? Tier 8 pref MM tanks are 100% useless in the current meta. And the KV-5 and IS-6 pen are worse off in a pure tier 8 game, where the majority of the HT’s have 220mm “weakspots”, vs facing tier 9 HT’s they can pen now and then like the T-10. I’ll gladly take a pen buff and +2 vs getting 80% equal tier games all the time in them tbh. So unless they buff the AP to a level equal of the IS-3 etc. They won’t do much good if they got 200 flap pen for instance. I don’t own the KV-5. But my other Pref MM tanks are hardly played due to the current meta. And this will make me dust them off again. As I only play +2 tier 8 prems atm. As they work.

  12. Yo… If they give my T-34-3 an accuracy and pen buff (Enough to justify the following) I’ll glady let them take away its pref MM… Sure the aim time and gun depression and armor buffs were helpful, but when you consistently miss or bounce the lower plate of a T30 from 70-100 meters because 0.42 accuracy (With Vents and 100% Crew + BIA) and 175mm standard pen your aim time, and armor buffs mean jack if I can’t hardly hit the target even at close range, and when I do struggle to pen it without 250mm HEAT… Which I don’t spam because it’s a premium and I play them to make money…

    Like the tank is good except for the gun, it’s so inconsistent still after all these years (I got it when it still had -3 gun depression all those years ago) The armor isn’t OP, the Mobility is decent, the gun is just a shotgun that misses the broad side of a barn and if it does it does so with toilet paper rolls…

    1. “Yo… If they give my T-34-3 an accuracy and pen buff (Enough to justify the following) I’ll glady let them take away its pref MM…”

      Same. If they gave the T-34-3 the IS-3A’s gun I’ll never stop playing it, even if it consistently gets thrown into the tier 10 meatgrinder over and over again.

  13. for example: How they will buff valentine? Tier IV with tier II gun and in +2 MM game will be usless ?

    1. valentine doesn’t need a change because it’s low tier… there are standard tier IVs with pref. MM like the french B1 and stuff… So it will stay the same

  14. they said somewhere else that they will buff the tier 8 prems but have other plans for the other tiers. No idea what that means unless they are gonna drop them a tier.

  15. I wanna see what riot’s will be, when they will decide to change E25.

    1. Either they’ll just remove the pref MM as they said it doesn’t need buff to fight tier 9 or only tier 8 tanks are changed

      1. LOL 😀 E 25 doesn’t need a buff to fight tier 9.:D It can’t even pen IS-3 frontally with premium ammo.

  16. The armour buff on KV-5 is useless….Some T7 and all T8+ tanks can still hurt it easily…they might as well turn in to retardSuperHTs like the Japanese Heavies….

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I read “mighty IS-4’s”. WG seriously? IS-4 is one of the weakest T10. I rather play IS-8/T-10, ST-I and 257…

    I know this isn’t a popular opinion…but instead of buffing everything…nerf all the newer vehicles(T8 to T10) to the standard of old vehicles makes more sense. In current state, the powercreep is too stronk…

  17. “Exchange it for another, more suitable vehicle, with a small surcharge in Gold”

    There is the money grab right there. So we get to pay a fee to exchange our tank that we bought for based on it’s characteristics when it was purchased when you messed up? That’s rich!

    1. Yeah. You should feel lucky they gave you this chance at all. They have no legal obligation, they could just remove it without telling you.

  18. Good, pref mm is a trash mechanic,but lets see WG actually balance tanks.

    not gonna happen.

    WG is terrible at balancing their game.

    They’ll buff 2 tanks a patch like they always do and take 2 years to actually fix all the pref mm tanks, by the time they fix the last one, 10 new OP tanks will already have been introduced to make that tank useless.

  19. Rage sold 112 because i was sick of the atrocious gun, compared to Defender. Seems like I’m gonna buy it back.

    Also, people against the change seem to have a strong belief that every single game from now on they will face three Type 5s, or 268 4s, while its obviously not the case. Sure, one in five games is going to be harder, but the other 4 games are going to be easier.

    The change should also result in higher income assuming they wont increase standard shell costs.

    1. what are you talking about? you are bottom tier in 80% of your tier 8 matchups and WG only makes these changes because they want more tier 8 cannon fodder for the increasing number of tier 10 players.

      1. Uhuh.
        So that is why grand battles are tier 10 only.
        So that is why there is a high chance to have tier 10 only normal games.

        Here i thought that they want to separate tier 10 further from the others, but thanks to you i know the truth!

        For real though, tier 8 is where the money is, so they obviously want it to be enjoyable to play.

        1. You don’t need to buy it again, just write a ticket requesting the tank back for credits.

      2. If you read the article before letting the flow of shit leave your mouth you’d know that it’s the exact opposite but oh well.
        The tier 8 situation is because of pref-mm tanks and they want to remove them so tier 8 isnt a pain in the ass to organise for the matchmaker.

        Now wether its true or not is a mistery but I rather take WG’s words for it over some random angry dude’s. They may be shit but in the end it’s still their game and while they definitely dont play it they likely got a better idea than us of how it works behind the scenes.

  20. slow ass heavy with limited viewrange, 330 alpha and 243mm gold pen without limited matchmaking 😀 😀 😀 this is hilarious. what’s the point of this tank? brawling? trading shoots with a Maus, HEAT100,Types? lol good luck. you aint gonna penetrate a single shell. this is so funny. more farm for the tier tens.

  21. How are these weakspots when they are 190-200mm effective? LoL, this has too much armor even for a preff MM tank and that ROF with 218mm pen….huh. Another powercreep BS tank that is better than e.g. vk45a, tiger II, t32 and 110.

    1. Apparently to fix tier 8 mm they have to get rid of pref mm, it’s a pain in the ass.

  22. Another alternative is to offer to make any regular tech tree tank you already have into a premium on an individual basis excluding tier tens for each pref mm tank removed. So my Cent 7/1 gets pemium status for me with the earning and crew benefits

  23. This is a great opportunity to trade in all your useless old premium MM you bought with cash for better and improved premiums without premium MM. There, MM fixed. Ka-ching.

    1. Yep. Just add more money to lose pref MM. Thanks for the buffs , WG! Shut up and take my money!

  24. The article made me think that it was getting downtiered to 7 and stats got actually nerfed.

    If you’re trying to go for the shock factor, this is a pretty low way to do it.

  25. I realy hope they drop the ersatz panter down a tier. Just give it the stats from the pudel, and then we have at last a fully historical panther (with the L70 i mean) in the german tree.

    1. You know the whole purpose of the tier 6 VK is to be a “historical”-ish panther while letting people play the current panther.

      1. The problem with both the Panther and both the Tigers, are the chassis much more than anything else. They just can’t fullfill their role in the given tier without massive ahistorical overbuffs. Almost the entirety of the tanks they are tiered with, are tanks that were designed after them and it shows.

  26. Say whatever you like, do whatever you like, all that tier VIIIs are now is cannon-fodder for Tier X. The issue is not the tanks, it is matchmaker. 3/5/7 MM said “F*ck you” to Tier VIII more than anything else. So Wargaming buffs the VIIIs then when they face each other they aren’t balanced. WTF. Honestly, just reverse the order of looking for battles in MM – so it looks for 1) same tier; 2) two tier spread (+/- 1 5/10 MM) and then 3/5/7 spread rather than the way it does at present – looks for 3/5/7 first. Not exactly rocket science. I would put money on the fact that if they brought in Frontline for all tiers but same tier only it would be the preferred game for most players. Tier IX would be amazing.

  27. “This means that if you’re rolling out in your King Tiger, you could find yourself on top of the list with clumsy Churchills or tiny AMX 12t’s. On the other hand, there are chances to land at the very bottom, facing mighty IS-4’s and fearsome T95s”.

    Wording is inaccurate. It should say, “your King Tiger will see tier 10 90% of battles, and is a piece of shit at that level of competition, in fact its more of a massacre than a fun game”.

    Oh wow so generous, so I can trade in my tier 8 pref mm tanks for ONLY 2,000 gold each?. Wow thats only $20 EACH. And if I have 10 of them thats ONLY $200. SOOOO GENEROUS.

    But the problems don’t stop there, what am I gonna trade them for when I’ve already got all the other prems?. Did you thunk about that WG?.

    Rebalance the IS6 and give us another defender.
    Perhaps for the trade in option WG will have to open ALL premium tanks as purchase options?.

    Including some surprising rare as hens teeth gems?.
    We all “NO” the answer to that.

  28. Make tier ten only tier ten. Its the premier tier. Everything else stays the same…no problem

  29. “Since then, the tool has gone through several changes, until it reached a level of performance that met the expectations of both the community and the dev team”

    Wait, so do these idiots actually believe their new MM system is working well and everyone is happy?
    Maybe they should actually try rolling out in a few tier 8 tanks and see how much fun they have when 80% of the battles they are bottom tier…

  30. I think it is kinda sad we do not get the option to keep them just as they are with the PMM. I bought them specially for that and have enough ‘normal’ tier 8 premiums so I do not need any more.

    It is still a relieve to know that when you press that bttle button you will not meet tier 10 tanks. I still play my tier 8 PMM tanks and know they might not be the best.

    Just rename the current ones to KV-5 (P) or something and give us at least a choice.

    I have 35 tier 8 premiums and the ones I do not have I do not see me getting ever. So the trade is is a no option for me.

  31. Finally! T-34-3, FCM 50t, M6Mutant/Alien, WZ-111 and SPerching might be like new toys again. Bring it on!

  32. ehm where do you see that the PrefMM Tanks will lose their PrefMM status? I see the buff, but there are not really the words like “we will change the status of all prefMM Tanks” or is there? Or is it just implied?

    1. It’s the whole point of the changes, to make it non pref MM.

      Quote: “Moreover, the overhauled vehicle will be able to oppose Tier X vehicles. ”

      Tier X means no pref MM anymore.

      I must admit that with avoiding the direct expressions of removal of pref MM is a part of WG game. Woo-hoo, my KV5 gets buffed!!!1 But in reality, nerfed to the ground and thrown as tier X fodder.

  33. When the 3-5-7 template got introduced, the mm was awesome for the PMM tanks. It became a problem when they started prioritizing the 3-5-7 template over same tier or 5-10 templates.

    In 9.18 I liked the template system. It worked. Tier 6, 7 and 8 were more fun than before. The only downside was that tier 10 almost only saw full tier 10 games. But I think that’s less of a problem than current tier 6,7,8 mm.

    They don’t have to remove the templatesystem, but the matchmaker should prioritize same tier, or two tier battles. It should only choose the 3-5-7 template if it is the only option.

    Removing the PMM status of tanks isn’t a bad thing, as long as they buff the tanks properly and fix the mm as said above.

  34. Can’t wait for Type 59 uber buffs to make it shine at least half as bright as it did for a few months almost 4 years ago.

  35. honestly, the entire POINT of preferential MM is to not deal with the T10 fucktards running full premium, and to not get into bottom-tier games every time
    i hope they dont bring this bullshit over to Consoles, because this will be the death of some of the game’s most fun tanks 🙁

    what a stupid fucking move

  36. After changes to smm E25 will loose its camo bonus after fireing.
    what atm is the only thing why E25 is still so good.
    if that happens – E25 will be trash in Tier 10s.

      1. At the rate of one tank a month, WG likely will not get to the E25 until 2025.

  37. actually, Tier 10 got the Same MM as it got at 9.18, so for T10 is no real changing.
    But yes, at 9.18 the new MM was Fun, but 9.19 destroyed it all, thats why i think WG will never bring Frontline back in the Way, its actually introduced.

  38. What a bunch of clowns!
    Instead of fixing their MM, they want to fuck up the only tanks they couldn’t fuck up yet.
    Change the MM logic, WG! The tanks are fine!

  39. Only WG benefits here not US the players

    These changes are only here for 1 reason and 1 reason only
    the shity 3-5-7 MM template that has many problems

    anyone here like the current Tier 8 MM we get?
    this is just one of them

    WG fucks things up
    this is the cheapest ‘as it cost nothing’ solution

    and btw, any KV5 or other T8 pref +1 MM tank whatever buffs they give it are meaningless
    YOU will fight over-power T10 all day every day

    T8 tanks are completely under-power to fight T10 tanks
    so take the new +_2 MM KV5 v a … IS7 a Super Conqueror or a Obj258 ver4

    so much pain

    1. Stop with the 3-5-7 BS, it is NOT the problem. The problem is the mismatch of players in MM. That is why you see lopsided wins/losses in same tier matches. MM is putting a bunch of new and fail players against a team that is 1/4 upper WN8/PR and a couple new/fail players, how is that competitive, even when they are at the same tier? Yes +/-2 is an issue with some tanks, but that can be fixed by fixing those tanks. You want competitive play? Fix MM so that there is some balance of the player make up or better yet do tiering of the players based on PR and add that to MM.

      1. Yes indeed Seth I agree with that fully the selected TEAM v TEAM MM system is very basic or even non existent ~ which means that is Exactly how WG want it ~ gets players back to Garage fast > need Gold> get credit card > buy more Gold …………. good business I suppose, utter shit for gameplay

  40. 1 huge nerf to the kv-5

    1 giant step back for preferential matchmaking vehicles

    1. Then don’t exchange the tank u fucking SHIT STAIN and keep your 167 pen preferential TURD.

      1. I don’t own the KV-5, but I do own a couple of PMM tanks. I wouldn’t mind if they buff it for full MM, because it can’t get worse than how it is currently.

        The only thing I have trouble with is the compensation. It’s beyond me why we should pay 2000 gold for the solution for a problem they create themselves. However, if they make good vehicles of the PMM tanks, it only gets better for everyone.

        1. Because trading in your 7500 gold SPerching for a 13000 gold tank would be silly.

      2. congrats on reading the article you dumb fuck
        …oh wait, you obviously DIDNT

        learn to read, then TRY to read, and then shut the fuck up anyway 🙂

  41. Just place PMM vehicles on a -2; 0 matchmaking so they are balanced against vehicles from their own tier and 2 tiers below.

    1. Then they will still be a pain in the ass for the mm, which is the reason WG wants to change it. Don’t you read?

  42. Classic AW PIROMNRS SHIT. This is CLEARLY a BUFF, not a NERF, U SHITTER. Besides, if you don’t like it, then don’t fucking exchange it, u fucking SHIT STAIN. Just report the fucking news u fucking MORONS, don’t comment on it because you are all FUCKING IDIOTS.

  43. All the preferential MM tanks need to be buffed because they are facing Defenders, AMX M4 49, Strv S1, Skorpion G and all the overpowered premiums released recently.
    This option to lose preferential MM, a key factor in our decision to spend money on them, is not acceptable as the buffs are not compensation.
    The option to spend another 2000g to exchange an already paid for tank with another one is again not acceptable.

    Do not make the mistake of believing WG actually has any rights. They do not. Digital goods have the same status as real, physical goods. You can not change them without proper compensation – something about which WG has proven time and time again that it has no idea.

  44. If I hadn’t stopped playing Wargaming’s games already I would do it immediately after reading this bullcrap.
    #FUWargaming #FuckAvarice

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