Perfecting Preferential Premiums (KV-5 nerf)


As we head into the summer, we keep addressing our huge to-do list and bumping the most important topics to the top. Next in line is the preferential Premiums issue. The question has been up in the air for a while now, but before we jump headlong into it, here’s a historical note.

A little over a year ago, World of Tanks upgraded to version 9.18, introducing important enhancements to the game’s matchmaker. As opposed to its predecessor, the new version’s functionality was based on several templates that regulated pre-battle team formation. Since then, the tool has gone through several changes, until it reached a level of performance that met the expectations of both the community and the dev team.

So, now that the game has proper team distribution, mismatches are a rare case. Everyone’s happy, right? Not really. The new approach benefited everyone, apart from preferential Premium vehicles.

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