LATAM: Defender Rental

A player named Estefanos received this free offer. Apparently it’s only for the LATAM players.


10 thoughts on “LATAM: Defender Rental

  1. i don’t think this has to do with the Latam server, some clanmates that play on it didn’t receive this gift, while I, that mostly play on Central got it…

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  2. Like spreading a disease, this OP tank is everywhere now, like 10 on the same match!
    dont they realize those rental events wreck the entire game???
    It seems they are rigging latam matches so deep, that you can miss fully aimed shots from 20 (twenty!) meters away!
    and this ridiculous OP Defender just bounce a gold round on the lower plate from the top gun of a AMX 65t!
    If it aint OP or rigging , I dont know what it is!


      1. Nope, my Clan mates , friends, other clans.
        90% of ALL matches are gangbangs , 15 X under 5.
        And still russian Bias.


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