HD „Crab” Map Video

A special map used for testing vehicles has been converted to HD quality. All newly introduced tanks perform a “test drive” there and are tested in various combat conditions.


9 thoughts on “HD „Crab” Map Video

    1. Issue is that creating that many rooms for 1 player on the server is not ideal. So if it was added, it would still be limited to a few at the time. As WG have explained 1000 times before as to why we don’t have it. And why the old tutorial or boot camp is limited to 1000 ppl atm. They a few Q&A’s ago, they did mention plans for solo rooms. How and what kind they did not say.

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    1. Even if you consider the blacked out area on the mini-map it is small. So I am guessing a tier X map like mines. WOT’s maps should be over 4x their current size and then they can reduce/restrict the play area for lower tiers, then you can have say 20 different maps in rotation and have 3 or 4 restrictions per map based on the tier and you can even have the restriction play different parts of the overall map. No tank should have a view range that covers more than 1/4 of a map.


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