VK 45.03 available on EU

Here’s a special occasion to catch a good support vehicle for your arsenal: the VK 45.03, a German Tier VII heavy tank. You are in for a great experience while commanding this beast, thanks to its outstanding gun handling, good penetration, and one of the best aiming times of its class. There is no doubt you will want to be the one to tackle the taming of this vehicle!


Price around 26 €.



12 thoughts on “VK 45.03 available on EU

  1. I have it, it can be fun… BUT:
    – side scrapping never happened to me and I bought it especially because of this lie from WG
    – frontal armor is a joke, it can and will be penned by almost all enemies with regular ammo

    Another example of WG lie about german premium tank: Lowe able to penetrate the T110E5 turret cupola.

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  2. It was awesome when it came out, it was a better Tiger I. The gunhandling was awesome.

    Back in the day it bounced a lot of shells, because people thought they were facing a Tiger II. Because of that, I bounced a lot of tier 6-7 shells on the lower frontplate, which is stronger than the upper frontplate. The turret is cheese, but players are learned to not shoot tanks in the turret, because it usually is the strongest part of the tank…

    But yeah, the new mm fucked it over. I wouldn’t buy it now.


    1. Actually it’s very close to Tiger. Similar mobility, similar nonexistant armor, better gun handling but much worse DPM. Eh.


      1. The Tiger I now has a turretfront that is problemetic for tier 6/7 tanks with less than 150 mm of penetration. The VK has less DPM, but the gunhandling really makes up for it.


  3. It’s a crap.
    I had it and eventually it was the second Prem tank I traded-in. Tiger 1 is so much better.
    Both have non existing armor but Tiger 1 has DPM and HP.
    VK super aim time is negated by the fact you can’t mount Vert Stab (that is possible on the Tiger 1). So in the end accuracy of snap shots is the same.


    1. Vert Stab on a Tiger I? Since when?

      Anyway, in it’s current state (with the buffed gunmantlet) the Tiger I is the better tank I guess…


  4. Any T6 tank can penetrate it almost anywhere in close combat with regular ammo, it cannot sidescape it also lacks the greater ‘dpm’ of the T7 Tiger.

    WG are so out of touch with older tanks from couple years ago this VK is struggling with the new super fair improved 3-5-7 MM – it hardly ever gets top tier which it needs to be, bottom tier in a T9 is ‘interesting’ hmm …..

    ** press that ‘gold’ 2 key ** and its armour is completely useless as is any tank – and never mind the new ‘genius idea from WG’ those new Super Heavy tanks (Type4) it will fight (well try to

    Real shame as so few Tier 7 premium tanks available
    always think WG miss so many real opportunities to make gameplay/ premiums interesting


    1. Being bottom tier in the VK is very hard. And you constantly are bottom with the 3-5-7 system. Fighting tier 8’s and 9’s without armor, mobility, pen, alpha and dpm is way to hard. It’s a shame, it used to be one of my favorites.


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