Permanent bundle additions


The Premium Shop is the place to go when you’re in need of extending your Premium Account, getting a new Premium tank, or some gold for other in-game expenses. On this occasion, we wanted to add some of our most popular tanks to bundles, which are now available permanently.

Get your helmet on and roll out!


The T-34-85M is more than able to keep up with the other T-34-85 versions and offers a slightly different gameplay. While the speed is a bit lower, its armour is reinforced, making it more likely to bounce enemy shells. The cherry on top is the extremely fast reload time, with which you can shred other vehicles if they don’t pay attention.

The KV-122 is certainly not your everyday heavy tank, so watch out! Command this mighty hunk of metal to experience good speed for its class while still packing a big punch. When commanded properly, you will be considered a true asset to the team. Sneak up on the enemy and show them what you are made of!

The 59-Patton benefits from great terrain resistance to compensate for any of the lower speed it may have when compared to vehicles of its tier. Good armour will help you continue blasting foes while taking advantage of the good dispersion values. Get this Chinese medium tank now and roll out on the battlefield!

The T92 is a speedy tank that is no doubt worthy of your attention. Enhance your collection and train your crews with this American high-tier light tank and benefit from its amazing concealment and outstanding view range. Leave the other team wondering how you spotted them so easily.