WG Employees Fired

…for publishing selfies with „Hide the Pain Harold”. Link to article with the pictures

Фото: Coub

According to dev.by, two employees of the company who were the authors of the photographs lost their jobs. The photos uploaded to Instagram were deleted extremely quickly. On Monday, March 20 (4 days after the photos were published), the photographers were informed that they were fired.

The source contacted one of them – Alexander Khvashchevsky, which used to work at Wargaming.net as a fitness trainer.

According to him, not all employees knew that publishing photos with the model was forbidden. Quoting him:

„Of course, I can understand why the company did so, but for me it is still an unpleasant thing. […] For my part, it was a stupid thing to publish this photograph, but being fired due to uploading the picture on Instagram, I think it is not right.”

Alexander also stated that there was no record in his contract saying that he could not provide certain information about the things that are happening in the company. The other employee who worked as “Interactive Media Designer” might have difficulties in finding a new job.

“The dismissal situation is unpleasant for the company because it is not related either to the skills or the results of the employees, and is in violation of the company’s internal rules.” – explains Ivan Kuznetsov, director of PR at Wargaming.net. – As with any large company, Wargaming has policies that limit employee disclosure, including in social media. These are necessary measures to protect the interests of the entire team working on the project.