I apologize.

I’ll address the bonus code article written several weeks ago. In it, it was said that the 500 gold from the PLAYTWA code will arrive to your WoT account as soon as 1.0 hits, but it turned out to not be the case. My sources were wrong. Sorry for misleading everyone, I expected the code to work too. Needless to say, I will not believe anything that source says ever again. I think it’s also partly WG’s fault for letting us input the code on the WoT/WoWS portals.

28 thoughts on “I apologize.

  1. It’s not just your source. WG made it look like the same way on their FB sites etc early on until they corrected it saying it was only for that game. As everyone thought they would get it for WOT once 1.0 went live there to.

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  2. I’ve told you on the original post that it isn’t going to work in WoT.

    “I think it’s also partly WG’s fault for letting us input the code on the WoT/WoWS portals.”

    Please tell me, where does it say in the following link that it’s the Wot or WoWS portal?


    The premium shops are unified for all games since the beginning and you can reach the same premium shop from all WG games’ portal.

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  3. lol Seb fucks up and blames WG….deja vu all over again. Seb yer a joke man. Just another daft wee boy trying to evade any responsibility or critism for posting absolute shite.


  4. I was wondering why the code wasn’t working (and was also a bit suspicious of WG being so generous, I mean a full week of premium for free?). Thanks for clarifying.


  5. well it did accept the code…..so where did out votes went? did they use us to make it look like there is a massive interest in TWA?


  6. It’s really not that big of a deal. I’d rather have it reported as working, and have it not work than miss out on something entirely that would have worked.

    Don’t think it’s that big a deal. He tried which is good enough for me.


            1. As a sign of good gesture you should give everyone who typed in that code some form of compensation. It was your mistake.


  7. The code worked when the news was up, but it didn’t work after 1.0 – you got some error message.
    This proves imo that it’s WG’s screw-up in some way.

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