Update 1.0: MTLS-1G14 Marathon

Source: EU portal.

We want to celebrate the Update 1.0 release by offering up a great event that everyone can enjoy. Whether you play several hours a day or twice a week, you can earn some great goodies by rolling out in the Grand Extravaganza, running from 23 March at 11:00 CET (UTC+1) till 6 April at 12:00 CEST (UTC+2). Mark your calendars, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this!

The Grand Extravaganza has three in-game elements to it: the Super Regionals, the Intel® Trophy Leaderboard, and the MapOut in-game event. All of these have one key underlying theme: Stamps. Earning them will help you get the MTLS-1G14 in the MapOut event, boost your region’s progress in the Super Regionals, and, more importantly, win physical prizes from Intel®.

Wondering how to snatch the most prizes? Don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you.

MapOut Event – Earn Stamps to Win the MTLS-1G14

  • Task: Earn 100 Stamps
  • Prize: Tier III US Premium light tank, MTLS-1G14

MapOut offers up a set of battle missions (two for each HD map for Random Battles). Basically, you embark on a tour of our newly remastered locales with one simple goal—get into the top 10 by XP earnt (so we’re not asking any superhuman feat of any of you!). Securing a place at the top rewards you with Stamps.

Missions come in two types:

  • “Win Big” missions worth 2 Stamps: These can be completed once a day for each map
EXAMPLE: Completing “Win Big on Prokhorovka” doesn’t mean you can’t earn more double Stamps on the same day. Choose a “Win Big” mission for any other map and keep on earning! However, you won’t be able to win big twice on the same map on the same day. элитной.
  • “Keep ‘em Coming” missions worth 1 Stamp: These are a little simpler and live up to their name. There’s no limit of how many times you can complete them each day, ergo the map’s your oyster.
  • “Win Big” missions
  • “Keep ‘em Coming” missions

x1.25 XP

5,000 Credits

1 Stamp

To keep track of all this, you can find the missions in-game and those which you have already completed will be greyed out.

Super Regionals

  • Task: Earn as many Stamps to contribute to your cluster’s progress
  • Grand Prize: Double XP for all wins on the weekend after the event ends
  • Interim Prizes: Unique medal and a collection of in-game goodies including Personal Reserves and camouflage

This is a cumulative effort from your fellow cluster compatriots. As a by-product of earning Stamps, you’re helping boost your cluster’s progress towards a gift for everyone!

There will be one main goal and once that’s smashed, everyone who participated will be rewarded with double XP if victorious. On top of that, you will be duly rewarded every time you break an interim goal.

You can follow all the progress on our dedicated page and see how close you are to reaching those goals. We just hope you don’t wear down that sweet F5 key.


Intel® Trophy Leaderboard

  • Task: Earn as many Stamps as possible
  • Prizes:
    • 1st Place: ALIENWARE 17 with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor
    • 2nd-251st Place: Intel® Core™ i7 processor

Now it gets serious. With the time and dedication that could be required to grab a prize on the Intel® Trophy Leaderboard, we wanted to make sure they were definitely worth your while!

If you’re looking to up your game and see World of Tanks in its truest fidelity? Well now you can with our grand prize, ALIENWARE 17 from Intel®. All you’ve got to do is top your region’s Intel® Trophy leaderboard in terms of Stamps earnt.

But those of you who narrowly miss out won’t go away empty handed, players finishing places 2–251 be duly rewarded with Intel® Core™ i7 processor. You can keep track of your position on our dedicated page and see how many more Stamps you need to break the top 251!

While all in-game rewards will be delivered during the event, the physical rewards may take a little longer to arrive as fair play checks will be carried out.

20 thoughts on “Update 1.0: MTLS-1G14 Marathon

    1. “While all in-game rewards will be delivered during the event, the physical rewards may take a little longer to arrive as fair play checks will be carried out.”


  1. Sadly I don’t have enough time to play and I’m getting neither the PC, nor the CPU…
    And I’m not sure if it is worth playing just for a tier 3 light tank a.k.a. a garage slot


    1. What people forget about the MTLS, is the fact that it will be the first twin gunned tank in the game, and by being that, it’s a testbed for future twin barrelled tanks like the ST-II.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So what? It is not like WG bothered to do something unique with it. It is just an autoloader that has different animation and projectile exit points.

        Reload time (sec) 4.60
        Clip size 2
        Clip damage 80 <= (2*40)
        Time between shots 0.50s

        And considering it is a premium, once there are many people with it, the chances are they will not change its statistics/mechanics.


      2. But the MTLS is ancient, it’s been around since the earliest days of WoT from 7-8 years ago. It just functions like any other automatic-firing machine cannon, the two barrels are pretty much aesthetic.


        1. The two barrels used to function like 1 gun, the shells would come out from between the two barrels. Now theyll work like two indipendent guns


  2. not even for gaming addicted patrons, for those of us who spend M-O-N-E-Y on the game tend to have J-O-B-S, to pay for the services rendered. No, these time consuming competitions are for the great unwashed, the unemployed. People that work 12 hours a day, don’t have a chance.


  3. At least it doesn’t look too hard to get a tier 3 premium. 100 top 10 finishes in 14 days should be OK for those of us playing an hour most evenings and a couple of hours over the weekend. I don’t have a problem with rewards for the more serious player. If they spend hours playing they should should get a chance for a reward. Agree about the bots though! Just looking forward to tope tier heavies driving 50m to a bush and staying there all game! (although they don’t have to be bots to do that!)

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I don’t get it…….must I choose the map I want to win on?……or the missions are active for all maps at once and then it cross of the ones I finish?…..seems kinda map rotation depended


    1. You are 200% correct. But the other mission that gives 1 is not limited to once per day or map so that’s nice. And i don’t see anywhere a win requirement so that’s even better. You just have to play 100 battles and be top 10 for your free MTLS-1G14


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