Somua SM available on EU

From EU portal:



Are you a fan of the French autoloading heavy tanks, such as the AMX 50 100 or the AMX 50 B at the end of the line? In that case, you can’t get around the new Tier VIII Premium heavy tank, the Somua SM! With a similar playstyle to aforementioned vehicles and a five-round clip, this tank is a perfect addition for fans of French autoloaders.

The Somua SM in short

This French vehicle is a powerful supporting vehicle with an opportunistic playstyle. Time your attack perfectly and you can make your entire clip count. Do you hear the credits rolling already?

  • Armour: While it still can’t compete with the most heavily armoured vehicles, it can deflect shots from same-tier vehicles. The turret armour is the strongest frontally. Combine this with very good gun depression and you can hide your most vulnerable spots easily.
  • Mobility: Because of the armour upgrade, the top speed suffered quite a bit. However, the acceleration is still decent, allowing you to easily keep up with most of the heavy tanks.
  • Firepower: As usual for French autoloaders, the main firepower depends on the burst damage, and the Somua SM has plenty of that. The five-round clip is able to cripple or completely obliterate any enemy you face, and all in the time span of nine seconds. Make sure you’re safe to reload afterwards.


Price around 38 €.