Update 1.0: Performance First Aid Kit

From EU portal.

You’ve downloaded Update 1.0 and it’s time to start playing, but performance issues stop you from enjoying the game? We’re here to help you out. No matter your setup, here are some general tips on how to get your system up and running again.

Get the latest drivers for your graphics card

Both Nvidia, AMD, and Intel regularly update drivers for their respective cards. The latest drivers will usually improve performance, especially for the newest games. Head to their websites to find the latest version. Make sure to match the drivers to your operating system and your specific model of graphics card. If you’re not sure which card you have, both sites offer an automatic detection tool to get you the right package.

Check the guide to updating video card driver to ensure correct installation:

Run a thorough check of your PC

Lots of programs can run in the background, and they use up resources including memory and CPU time. Check that there are no superfluous processes running that could hamper game performance. You can also clear out temporary files to free up some disk space and double-check if DirectX hardware acceleration is on. Check it guide here to optimize your PC:

Run auto-detect

Start by running auto-detect system to define the golden medium in terms of FPS and the quality of visuals for your rig.

Tweak graphics settings

The biggest gains in frames per second come from tweaking and compromising on graphics settings. If you want to make any other adjustments to the suggested preset option, go through the complete guide on settings for detailed explanation on each settings option and how it contributes to the game’s looks.

Switch to a lower graphics option

The performance may increase significantly and you will be able to additionally adjust the graphics focusing on the basic settings that are after switching.

Lower the “3D Render Resolution” setting

If this does not help, try lowering the screen resolution. We do not recommend to lower these settings if the client’s performance allows you to play comfortably, because this will significantly increase the framerate but the picture quality will be significantly lower.

Contact Player Support

If you’ve tried everything and are still experiencing technical problems, report it to us by creating a ticket to Player Support. Describe the problem and list the actions that you have already taken to solve it.

If the gaming client has been successfully updated to the current version, but there were difficulties with its launch or during the game, attach the WGCheck program report to the ticket; it will help solve the problem as soon as possible.

Before creating a ticket, try launching the game in safe mode, without third-party mods. If the issue remains, go ahead and report it to us. Head HERE to learn how to start it in safe mode.

Upcoming – Config Tuner

We’re working on a special program to improve game performance at minimum settings. It’s called Config Tuner and lets you further decrease the quality of the image and improve game performance, if the performance is critical and doesn’t allow you to start the client with an acceptable framerate at minimum settings.



8 thoughts on “Update 1.0: Performance First Aid Kit

  1. The solution is to firstly have decent hardware, and secondly tweak the graphic settings individually. The preloaded presets suck big time. Read and understand what each setting does and how it affects the performance. It is sad that people with bad hardware always want to have best graphics and high fps, it doesn’t work. You always benefit from higher fps (up to 60 fps on 60hz screen) and less eye candy if you are looking at optimizing your graphics to get any competitive advnatage.


    1. Pretty much what you said. Everything wg just said is a cut and paste response (hurr durr! if you dont have good fps, lower ur grephiks settings comrade!)

      Personally, I would just go for eye candy, and go ultra at 35 fps instead of the 90 on low. I’m not competitive, but 35 is still enough to whip out snapshots and such


  2. I bought recently a laptop and I barely run wot on this thing, even tho I thought I will be able to run it smoothly… sadly I am so disappointed in amd… I had hoped to see improved graphics in wot. My laptop – amd quad core fx-9800p, amx radeon rx 540 2gb, 8 ddr4 and im running wot on ssd.. and you might think, wtf you should run just fine wot on that thing, hell yeah.. everything on minimum! AMD is the powa..


    1. That is not AMD issu.. You Have low budget graphics card (radeon rx 540 2gb)
      I Have a gamer laptop too with Gtx 960m (low-mid range). My fps will be not too high at ultra settings Mb 30 or 35.. so dont blame AMD. You need atleast Gtx 1050ti , 1060 for good fps in ultra settings…


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