Wheeled vehicles are coming?

This is NOT a real news, this is a guess based of fact that Alexander Galevsky is working on models for Wargaming and he’s currently posting these renders:



source: Rykoszet


13 thoughts on “Wheeled vehicles are coming?

    1. the current WoT yes, from WoT 1.0 onwards we will see more and more details like cammo nets or barrel thermal-sleeves etc… they will be able to do it since 1.0 is supposed to also FINALLY introduce HAVOK physics and that technology is famous for allowing a realistic animation of clothing and similar materials, such as hanging cammo nets

      and about Object 279, that is not the only model ever made for WoT that was never introduced, from Char 2C to SturmTiger there are plenty of models in store, it would be normal for those to actually be turned/updated into HD just so they can work with them when needed, some were even thought as possibilities for the rumored convoy PVE mode
      there are also others such as the Katyusha which probably will never be added other than for PVE (if PVE ever comes), in my opinion it could work as a odd type of arty by allowing players to shoot a barrage of X rockets every Y seconds with each rocket doing a bit of splash damage but with a really smal splash area


  1. Don’t even look like WOT in terms of art style. Then again it could be for a different game. WG have lots of minor studios under them working on plenty of unannounced stuff. Inc an unannounced WWII RTS game. That most suspect is the sequel to Order of War.


  2. Puma Armored recon vehicle 1944-5 with a 75mm kwak gun
    used as a TK as well, cheaper to make then tanks at end of the war, really like it if it does get into the game WOT

    would be faster and more mobile than LT’s now and with better camo values


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