Italian tanks renders – tier 8-10

Source: Rykoszet

Tier 8  – P.44 Panthera

Tier 9 – Prototipo Standard B


Tier 10 – Progetto M40 mod 65


8 thoughts on “Italian tanks renders – tier 8-10

  1. These models are looking sweet. Perhaps its just me, or do the T8 and T10 have more detail than the last photos we saw? Or maybe it’s the lighting giving them more flair.


  2. Looks nice, doesn’t work.
    Unless a miracle happens and they accidentally include the Russian Bias module in these too.


    1. well the fact that they had to nerf them in the 3rd stage means that they were over performing right? My only grievance is that the gun accuracy could be a bit better


      1. You know how the new tier 10 replacement TD for the Obj. 263, the Obj. 268 4 is one of the most OP tanks in the game at the moment?
        Just remember, one of the devs said that a buff for it is very possible.
        I’m not saying it’s Russian bias… but it is Russian bias.
        The Italian autoreloaders became actually competitive enough to fight and defeat the Soviet biasmachines. Hence the nerf.


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