AMX30B2-BRENNUS 1:35 Scale Model Tank kit by Tiger Models

Once again we’re featuring  tank model.

This is the Tiger Models 1:35 AMX-30B2 BRENNUS, done in a French OPFOR (or FORAD, “Force Adverse” if you want a proper acronym) digital/urban camouflage scheme.

The AMX-30 was a long-serving cold-war era French MBT, this was the final upgraded variant with added ERA (reactive block armor) which they put into service while they were waiting for the new Leclerc MBT to come on line.
While these were intended for use in the 1980s, the last remaining AMX-30s in French service were used as “bad guys” (i.e. Opposing Forces/OPFOR) by a French training regiment well into the 2010s. It was in this setting they they were painted in this grey-on-grey digital urban scheme.
The #1 inspiration photo.
The business end… also scene is the rear-view mirror below the main cannon! You’d think they would spring for a back-up came.
Detail shot of the mud splatters. Just above center in the image you can see the smoke grenade launchers. As well along the side of the tank are 3x spare track links.
More splatters, with a good view of the 4 different shades of grey that made up the scheme. Off to the far right of the image are a pair of fire extinguishers carried on the front of the hull.
Unlike most tanks that carry a co-axial machine gun in the .30 – .50 caliber range, the AMX-30 had a coax 20mm cannon. The kit came with a turned metal part to recreate this, which gives great deta.
Glad I don’t have to wash this thing.
The screens are made of photo-etch brass. Its hard to see in the photo, but the exhausts were painted in a rust color then hairspray and the base grey was used to give them a worn and chipped appearance.
Winner winner chicken dinner.
Just a detail shot of the rear deck, with the large air intake vent and a pair of access hatches.
The commander’s cupola turns independently from the turret, has excellent 360 degree visual fields, and this remote controlled machine gun so you don’t have to get out and expose yourself to enemy fire.
And empty storage rack. I really should put something in it.
More detail of the exhaust.
Mud was build up in layers, and semi-gloss and gloss clears were used to convey the “wetness” of various areas.
Turret top detail view. You can see the various view ports / periscopes, additional smoke grenade launchers, laser range finder, etc.
Even a nice casting mark on the roof!
Muddy buddy.
The kit came with a turned metal barrel which is really nice– completely straight, no sanding to remove plastic blebs, etc.
Gunner’s hatch detail shot.
WIP shot, just to show the basic idea of the construction.
This is the tank in its black primer coat (Mr. Surfacer 1500) while I was testing shades of grey to get the scheme correct.
Partially through the painting. I used a gloss paint as it was very hardy and didn’t peel away with all the masking tape I had to use (Tamiya brand, the best).
Best paint for airbrushing you can get. If you are in the USA, try Hobbyworld USA they have a full selection.
Muddy base prior to tank landing there…
I used Vantage Modeling Solutions “smart Mud” and pigments for the base. I LOVE them, and they have excellent prices and customer service.
One of the reference photos. Nice looking beast.
A slightly different tank… but used by the same OPFOR regiment.
Another nice reference photo. Can’t quite make such a nice camo see-through tarp in scale…
If you look closely, this reference tank is missing some of the ERA blocks mine has.

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