WoT Supertest – New Map Prototype

This time without even a temporary name, a new map will soon be tested. It will be a one square kilometer map in an Asian theme. The devs want to see how a semi-open and mirrored map will do.

The main battle focus will be in the middle, in the forest, where the heavies will duke it out. In the north, meds and lights will run rampant.


13 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – New Map Prototype

      1. Maps in multiplayer shooters are usually mirrored to be balanced. It’s just a prototype to see how this will work in WoT. It probably won’t.


        1. I know that it is this way for multiplayer shooters, but this game ishould not be turned into something like that, even when they already try to do so.

          Mirrored maps will just be dumb shit for that game and will kill the interessting parts even more.


      2. Agreed, we’re back to Atari ‘combat’ map design. Marginally unfair spawns are ok with me, it’s an even chance of getting the slightly stronger/weaker one.


  1. Again for crying out loud!!
    Too many non-passable terrain features, that result in hard corridors! And a lesser issue, too much height difference.
    But especially the non-passable terrain features, like the rock cliffs & outcrops & plateaus that make flanking impossible, are DEPLORABLY designed!

    The map development team should really, and I mean really, reevaluate what kind of map features are widely considered as preferable.

    Redshire is one of those map most players like, due to the soft corridors! Which leaves the map open with flanking possibilities. More maps with such Redshire features is what this game need, not less.

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  2. This map is GARBAGE since at least 1/3rd of the map is taken up by a massive, completely USELESS lake. Get rid of the lake and put in a forest such as the old Murovanka “magic” forest and then this map has a lot of potential.


    1. What about a map like Lakeville? A huge portion of the map is taken up by a lake and mountains, but noone is crying about how “garbage” it is


  3. WG: Semi-open doesn’t just mean non-urban.

    As others have said, this map has minimal opportunities for flanking with that big protected central corridor and big lake. Their zonal approach to ‘heavies play here, lights/meds here, and tds sit here’ makes for boring and undynamic gameplay.

    Completely agree that Redshire is a good example of soft corridors which is far more flexible and has more options for all tank types.


  4. it looks like an alternation of Lakeville. With the noob corridor becoming wider and more coser to the center, so less noobish to go there. and the weird spotting middle lane going at the endge becoming a flanking place for fast tanks, but we all know it will be there a camper locking that edge of the map.

    not so bad as somepeople cry above without even playing it…


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