T-34-3 is being removed

From EU portal:


The T-34-3, a Chinese Tier VIII medium tank, will be removed from the tech tree and the range of permanent offers in the Premium Shop with Update 1.0, so here’s your chance to get it before it’s only sold for special occasions. With a similar armour layout to the Type 59 and a powerful 122 mm gun, this vehicle is best suited for close combat, where you can bully other medium tanks. Link to shop



29 thoughts on “T-34-3 is being removed

    1. The T-34-3 feels amazing to me, very easy to maintain at least 60% winrate on it. I personally think that after the armor and gun handling buffs, it almost has no need for pref MM.


  1. quick….buy this before we pull it out of premium shop and tech tree……we promise we wont sell it for at least a full month(but this might change if wee fell like doing so) and it will later be on sale ONLY on “special events”(read once in two months) and only on: Labor day, St.Patricks day, Christmas and New Year, every Friday the 13th……..and in case you miss on those opportunities we will put it on sale couple times a year just for shits and giggles

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  2. Haha stupid WG. Removing this tank + puting it on special sale now while talking about removing the pref MM from tanks, so this one 2 then hahahaha.

    Good luck with that, i have 21 pref mm tanks, getting my money back on 15 of them is fine by me 🙂 And no gold compansation bullshit, money or don’t touch them.

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        1. Except pref MM will be removed, and the tanks buffed accordingly to be adequate for the regular +2 MM spread. Once that is done, either you get a refund (if offered, and no way WG is returning you cash), or you keep what you bought.


      1. it is HIS money he paid for in good faith and its legally binding in EU law if WG changes it from how it was advertised to something different from the advert or listing

        Its called misrepresentation of goods and money back not worthless digital gold is the recompense

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        1. Yes, it was his money before he gave it to WG. Now it’s WG money. And he doesn’t even own anything, it’s just a digital tank in a video game owned by WG, they just give him the right to use this digital tank in their game, WG can do whatever they want with it. Did any of you read EULA before agreeing with it?


          1. EULA mean nothing for the simplest of reasons: you, the buyer, have no power to negotiate.
            The European Union has very nice rules about this kind of thing.

            Also, as WG never ever informed any buyer about the soft stats of the vehicle, meaning the never disclosed information about the gun handling and terrain resistances they are breaking the law. At any time any of the buyers can demand their money back, be of course refused by WG and then appeal to the appropriate EU institution to deal with seller’s fraud.

            Lack of information = hidden flaws = fraud, because they ask for real money in exchange for digital goods.


  3. Think WG plan is to remove pref tanks slowly out of the prem shop thats how they plan on fixing it.Lol typical too much work to rework them lets just make new better ones so that players can buy more.money money money


  4. I have it for ages now and i dont really like to play it. So nevermind, i dont care about this try to milking some more money.


  5. It’s not a very good tank for sure but always a ton of fun to play for me, especially after the buffs. I can actually recommend it. The only real downside is that you can train chinese medium crews in it and chinese mediums are shit for now.


  6. This tank would worth it if it would cost 8 or 9k gold. But for 11k gold it has a bad gun, horrible aim time, horrible accuracy and most importantly 175 mm pen. 175 mm pen alone makes this tank not worth 11k gold.

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  7. Couldn’t WG just have exchanged the T-34-3 122mm D-25TA for another type of 122mm?

    For example something that is more in the neighborhood, of lets say the IS-M’s 122 mm D-25BM, with 215mm of penetration?
    Add this new 122mm gun to the 34-2 as well, than it also got it’s deserved buff for this century.

    If we talk about 122mm Chinese gun, what did they have in arsenal that could have been used? Did China perhaps have some prototype 122 which they tested for some purpose perhaps?


    1. That’s probably exactly what they’re heading towards, but while massively rebalancing a prefmm tank and giving it normal mm it’s peobably a good idea to not sell it for a while


    2. What I find interesting is that the WZ-111 and the 112 have the D-25TA also, so if the problem is the gun shouldn’t they be treated the same?

      As for other 122mm guns the Chinese have, the 110 & T-34-2 have the 37-122JT, the 110 also has the 122 D-25T. Both of those guns have the same pen and alpha as the D-25TA. The D-25T is basically the same gun as the TA with regards to aim time, etc. So, if the problem is the gun then wouldn’t the D-25T be a problem also?


      1. Yeah I agree! Those two Chinese premiums also need “a same sort of treatment” as well.

        About the (37-122JT) D-25T. Those are not a problem, IF(!!!), being the top gun on a tier 7 HVY like the IS-2; OR it being a grind gun on tier 8, like the D-25T is on the IS-3, leading to the 122mm BL-9.
        Then there is nothing wrong with them.

        Was thinking. Another option could be to simply strait up buff the TA gun. Would fix most premium heavies and the T-34-3 and would make them suitable to normal MM.

        For the T-34-2 how ever…I had two option in mind:
        1) either add the TA 122 as well; or
        2) remove the 122mm gun option completely and give it a better 100mm like the ’62-100T’

        Option 2 would bring it in line with the current T-44 buffs.


      2. Another option, mentioned by Wunderwurst on the forums, would be focused on changing ammo types (completely forgot about that being a possibility).
        So giving them an APCR round as standard round, something resembling the IS-6 BR-471D, which has 217mm penetration. The prem round could be left as the current HEAT.

        Could perhaps also be the solution for the IS-6 and the KV-5, when making them non PMM


  8. In the current state of the game, 175mm of pen for tier 8 is just WG pissing on us. Try penetrating the Defender or the Chrysler with 175mm


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