WoT 1.0 – Test Update 06.03.2018

A small update appeared in the 1.0 test today, the changelog as follows.

  • New setting – Color Adjustment. You can find it in the Graphics settings. This tool enables you to adjust color, brightness, and contrast levels, or allows to use a predefined filter, both in the garage and in battle. The first few battles will have a tip about brightness settings.





Other changes:

  • Fixed hit effects when shooting the ground
  • Fixes the strong flickering of ice
  • Fixes the reload timer showing negative values in the spectator mode
  • Fixed the parts of the building floating in the air after destroying it on Ensk
  • Fixed a crash during map loading
  • Fixed an FPS drop when looking through translucent bushes
  • Fixed a bug with refresh rate when going fullscreen
  • Fixed some other map bugs