The Armored Patrol: 3rd Year

The water flows, but the stones remain.

Three years ago, on 5th March 2015, TAP was born out of hopes and anger. Since then, we’ve been through good times and difficult moments, all leaving their mark on the blog, helping it develop. From humble beginnings we’ve made it this far – but I feel there is always room for further improvement.

I believe that the freedom of information must be kept. That means leaks must exist, and that Wargaming must not censor news sources as they please, because it’d just be against the interests of the community.

There used to be more news in the past, that’s for sure. It feels like the game is not regarded with great hopes regarding its future like it was back then. Whatever happens, I’ll stay and post all the possible news. I’ll never get fed up with writing and I’ll never accept jobs that’ll forbid me from doing it.

I hope TAP is still a good news source for y’all. I think the reader experience matters the most. I’m not sure if you are satisfied, because I am not. This year giveaways will be made from the ad earnings, I promise. Please leave any suggestions in the comments. I’d love to know what you want in the future.

Thanks for staying with us, you are the greatest.


PS: Hope you like the new background! I consider it easier on the eyes.

PPS: I really dislike the ads on the mobile theme. Complained to WordPress about it, but nothing happened so far. Use the RSS link whenever possible, just be aware that it does not work on Chrome.


70 thoughts on “The Armored Patrol: 3rd Year

  1. Hello Seb, i am with you from the beginning, shared your link everywhere i guess, even send you mails with stuff no one else had etc. But in the last time I am disappointed in TAP. The “mistake”, or maybe even made up bullshit in the last Q&A, the possible buff of the 268v4, where even Ph3lan had to write something, argh, thats terrible. And thats just one example. I completely understand that your time is limited and i am heavily thankfull for all the informations, still they have to be correct. There ist no real competition now, Rita fucked up. So it doesnt matter if it takes you one more hour to publish an article.

    I wish you all the best, like I always did, and hope you will get back to the path you were on.

    Kind regards


          1. I guess it fits both of them well. I stopped watching Jingles’ videos a year ago. The quality dropped really hard, he just laughs like a retarded old fart every 15 seconds with some bad commentary along the way.


      1. Have a read just drama, flame and BS on there…..

        She couldn’t have made a worse job of FTR I bet he wished he either kept it running or gave it to someone different.

        She had WG no1 global forum base hand gifted and she fecked it up!

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    1. I used to be a FTR reader but I moved to TAP after Rita took over, I didn’t like the style of presenting and the shift towards historial articles in stead of WOT news. However I’m in no position to blame content creators if their quality becomes less in the blogs. These articles are made with a certain passion, take a lot of time and do not produce income. Therefore I really appreciate the effort going in TAP and I understand if Rita underestimated what it took to keep up an interesting blog. Although I really like to get new articles every day, I really don’t mind if the time between the articles is sometimes a bit longer. Just keep in mind that you have to have fun creating the content, whenever you feel like you hΓ‘ve to create content then it can become a burden and I don’t think that is long sustainable. I like the way the blog develops and I wish TAP much succes in the future! Thanks!

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  2. Oh, was this today? Well then, happy birthday, dear blog!
    A topic came up in this little article, something I’m sure at least a few are interested in.
    What will happen after WoT?
    The game, as big as it is, will end one day, the servers will shut down, etc.
    What will the blog do then?


    1. By the time WoT gets shut down we’re all maybe gone in the nuclear flames, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much.


  3. Good JOb Seb, keep up the good work. you are about the only english WOT source of info that is available atm… it does sucjk that leaks are not being provided as it does increase the hype…

    you have our support..

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    1. REMOVED

      Gets exclusives (Community Contributer / genuine insider info) fact checks info before posting.

      (Seb reports obj 268v4 will be considered for buff is a prime example of how much of a shitty blogger he is)

      He Plays the game to a high standard therefore understands game mechanics and can provide you with the best opinion about how changes to the game will impact you.

      But yeah, if you prefer taking advice from a sub 600wn8 scrub who does not understand how the game works stick with TAP

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        1. I pop over ever know and then. There is nothing worth reading though so please don’t kid yourself.

          Watching Seb going through a mental breakdown in his discord is far more entertaining.

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            1. the sad thing is, you blame all your authors (who now left) yet you made the posts that have got you into that situation.

              Only reason you started discord channel was to copy (he who can not be named). 3 years, honestly the only thing you have to celebrate is pushing people away and putting your blog into a nose dive

              but yeah… “wake up every morning, by night you are counting stacks” PMSL

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              1. It’s stuff to motivate me. I make sure to have backup plans to make money, and uni is a major part of it. I still reward remaining authors with money from TAP for their help. But you don’t realize that.


                1. oh the guys that had your back for 3 years, supported you, supplied content and actually brought some nice stuff to your blog… they not your friends anymore. You fucking kid

                  REMOVED is a decent blog also btw


                    1. Hmmmmm on friends you say (source TAP discord)

                      “I consider even my closest IRL friends leeches cause they eat up my time and don’t let me focus on what I want to do, working”

                      Yet we see no work…..

                      When will you actually write an article? In your own words? Give an opinion about what the game needs? write a review… something?

                      All you do is copy paste other peoples work. You don’t even add anything on top.

                      TAP is a bullshit blog and the friends you did have just went and setup a new blog which actually provides unique content.


                    2. When I’ll stop having to juggle TAP and university, I’ll do that. Also I hate doing pointless talk in articles, getting straight to the news is my style.


  4. Keep up the good job, man.


    Naaa, I’ll just die of fallout cos I’m from Portugal, we dont have any major influence in world economics. Spain, on the other hand, with US nuclear sub base and a strong economie… hence, the fallout.
    This just made me sad…


          1. Point being, you actually bring zero to the table Seb.

            You own the blog but the content (info, knowledge) is created by someone else or you translate / copy paste from Russian blogs / vk

            copying other peoples work… I mean, if that’s what you do ahahahaha brilliant!

            Community: “Seb what do you know about tanks?”

            Seb: Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


            1. Shut up, loser!
              If WG could find a way to make everyone say what they want, and how they want it, they would give out bloggers exact quotes to publish.
              The fact is that WG only let out exactly how much they want, and if TAP were to copy it from another source, it makes no difference, since the news is the same on every site.
              It’s nice having someone gathering info and putting it all in one place, because it’s less time consuming, that is why I WISH TAP “La multi ani!”

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  5. When I get to the office I start up TAP then Outlook… I think that tells you enough! πŸ˜€
    Happy Birthday! Lets hope this blog stays as it is and WoT changes back to what is was before. πŸ™‚

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    1. when seb wakes up, he take a big ole shit, wipes his ass, looks down at the paper….

      and that my friends is where he gets his “insider info” from


  6. Been here from the beginning! Happy birthday , I love reading the blog while I am stuck at the steel mill. Keep up the great work, don’t mind the snow flakes and more Warthunder when possible. Will try and help out when I can.

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  7. TAP is a shit stain in the community. nobody with any credibility reads this garbage. All the top streamers like Circon, Dakillzor, Dezgames they all refer to TBD which is a credible blog.

    I hope you and your community flourish tbh

    seb is a bottom feeder in the community worshipped by a bunch of soya eating screeching retards.


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