The Armored Patrol: 3rd Year

The water flows, but the stones remain.

Three years ago, on 5th March 2015, TAP was born out of hopes and anger. Since then, we’ve been through good times and difficult moments, all leaving their mark on the blog, helping it develop. From humble beginnings we’ve made it this far – but I feel there is always room for further improvement.

I believe that the freedom of information must be kept. That means leaks must exist, and that Wargaming must not censor news sources as they please, because it’d just be against the interests of the community.

There used to be more news in the past, that’s for sure. It feels like the game is not regarded with great hopes regarding its future like it was back then. Whatever happens, I’ll stay and post all the possible news. I’ll never get fed up with writing and I’ll never accept jobs that’ll forbid me from doing it.

I hope TAP is still a good news source for y’all. I think the reader experience matters the most. I’m not sure if you are satisfied, because I am not. This year giveaways will be made from the ad earnings, I promise. Please leave any suggestions in the comments. I’d love to know what you want in the future.

Thanks for staying with us, you are the greatest.


PS: Hope you like the new background! I consider it easier on the eyes.

PPS: I really dislike the ads on the mobile theme. Complained to WordPress about it, but nothing happened so far. Use the RSS link whenever possible, just be aware that it does not work on Chrome.