WoT – Polish CM Q&A Digest 02.03.2018

The digest of the Q&A with the Polish Community Manager – Falathi

– Polish tree this year
– The tree will be more than just MTs
– No Polish arty
– WG is aware that the “air force checkers” emblem on tanks is a touchy subject
– WG doesn’t end support for the console CCs just because their language was removed from the game
– the Rudy tree swap is still not decided

– “Balance is a process spanning over multiple months. You need to gather data and see what’s wrong, not just check WR”
– there won’t be team specific WR on randoms
– MM has three modes – same level, 5-10, or 3-5-7
– “The Defender might return to EU. The opinions on the EU server about the tank were mostly negative, thus we didn’t sell it again yet.”
– Japanese TDs might appear, but not so fast
– there might be some new crew portraits
– “The problem with servers is that some of the problems aren’t WGs fault”
– some new Czech tanks might appear this year
– Italians most likely will appear before Poles
– content wise, the Polish tree is closer to the Czech tree, rather than the Japanese one
– no Hungarian or any other tree in the near future, as the devs are focused on the two trees at hand
– no info now about reducing the commanders hatch weakspot on the T110E5
– a “symbolic” Polish tree might get released for Polish Independence Day (11.11)
– new Ranked season will appear faster than the previous ones
– anniversary missions should return to WoWP this year
– the T-55AM is too modern for the game
– “(for the Polish tree) we found something few players know about”
– the Fiat 2000 won’t be implemented
– no plans for Polish planes in WoWp
– Dragon Ridge was a nice concept but the gameplay was poor
– drowning arty players might receive punishment in the future
– a new marathon with a selectable reward might appear
– WoTC isn’t losing support
– pref MM tanks will be buffed, because the MM will be increased, thus WG wants them to be fun, but not OP
– Polish CCs have very little to none influence on the game
– a “plain” Strv 81 isn’t planned for now
– “tanking” XP won’t be introduced fast
– “crew perk changes won’t be just cosmetic”
– a Polish VIII tier prem might be a “tough nut to crack”
– work on the Polish tree is advanced but there’s still a lot to do
– the Studzianki map will be introduced after 1.0
– Soviet turreted TDs might be introduced in the future
– amphibious vehicles might be introduced in the future
– Polish tanks will have a defining feature
– Bonds won’t appear in the store