WoT – Polish CM Q&A Digest 02.03.2018

The digest of the Q&A with the Polish Community Manager – Falathi

– Polish tree this year
– The tree will be more than just MTs
– No Polish arty
– WG is aware that the “air force checkers” emblem on tanks is a touchy subject
– WG doesn’t end support for the console CCs just because their language was removed from the game
– the Rudy tree swap is still not decided

– “Balance is a process spanning over multiple months. You need to gather data and see what’s wrong, not just check WR”
– there won’t be team specific WR on randoms
– MM has three modes – same level, 5-10, or 3-5-7
– “The Defender might return to EU. The opinions on the EU server about the tank were mostly negative, thus we didn’t sell it again yet.”
– Japanese TDs might appear, but not so fast
– there might be some new crew portraits
– “The problem with servers is that some of the problems aren’t WGs fault”
– some new Czech tanks might appear this year
– Italians most likely will appear before Poles
– content wise, the Polish tree is closer to the Czech tree, rather than the Japanese one
– no Hungarian or any other tree in the near future, as the devs are focused on the two trees at hand
– no info now about reducing the commanders hatch weakspot on the T110E5
– a “symbolic” Polish tree might get released for Polish Independence Day (11.11)
– new Ranked season will appear faster than the previous ones
– anniversary missions should return to WoWP this year
– the T-55AM is too modern for the game
– “(for the Polish tree) we found something few players know about”
– the Fiat 2000 won’t be implemented
– no plans for Polish planes in WoWp
– Dragon Ridge was a nice concept but the gameplay was poor
– drowning arty players might receive punishment in the future
– a new marathon with a selectable reward might appear
– WoTC isn’t losing support
– pref MM tanks will be buffed, because the MM will be increased, thus WG wants them to be fun, but not OP
– Polish CCs have very little to none influence on the game
– a “plain” Strv 81 isn’t planned for now
– “tanking” XP won’t be introduced fast
– “crew perk changes won’t be just cosmetic”
– a Polish VIII tier prem might be a “tough nut to crack”
– work on the Polish tree is advanced but there’s still a lot to do
– the Studzianki map will be introduced after 1.0
– Soviet turreted TDs might be introduced in the future
– amphibious vehicles might be introduced in the future
– Polish tanks will have a defining feature
– Bonds won’t appear in the store


21 thoughts on “WoT – Polish CM Q&A Digest 02.03.2018

  1. Good news on drowning. Though I would say that new players should get a grace period of several hundred games. I think I was 300 games in before I could drive in straight line and safely cross a bridge.


    1. It’s not just arty players that chicken out and drown. I had a T-10 decide he didn’t like the way the team had spread out so he came over, one shot my arty and drove into the back pond on Malinovka.

      If you punish arty you need to punish everyone who drowns.

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  2. “The Rudy issue” is not that complicated. The TV tank was russian, with russian,polish,georgian and canine crew. But if the polish tree needs it, just let the owners decide once where they want this tank they own, and let some of them be russian (as historically correct) and some polish, as the people demand.

    How complicated can it be? There are many similar tanks on different trees. Rudy P and Rudy R will be no different.


  3. Preferential match making tanks will be buffed aka fucked in the ass by improving something useless and then send them against tier X
    As if the fact that they meet the overpowered Defender and the likes, is not enough.

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  4. «Japanese TDs might appear, but not so fast»
    finally, it should be a interesting line with DERPs at lower tiers, glass-cannons at mid-tiers and finally more conventional TD’s at higher tiers

    «Soviet turreted TDs might be introduced in the future»
    I called it as soon as I noticed what they did with the USSR TT rework, it seemed obvious since they already have the proper crew training machine for it (T-103)
    I would also expect the long rumored and desired soviet “light” TD line with the ASU’s (57/76/85) and probably taking advantage of the SU-122-54 being now free for tier 9 or 10

    in my opinion it would also make sense to separate the grind of the current tier 10 MT’s and HT’s into 3 grind lines, for the MT’s it is easy since the KV-13 is already tier 7 and the Obj.430/430U line starts at tier 9, that means they only need a tier 8 for it
    looking at the line: tier 7 KV-13 (MT version of a HT) >>> tier 9 Obj.430 (MT with HT gun), the ideal tier 8 would be another hard hitting MT, like the T-44-122 or maybe a T-54 version of that

    for the HT’s it’s even more obvious that they need another grind line, currently there’s 3 tier 10’s but their plans is for atleast 2 more, one after the T-10 and the other from the ST-I <> IS-4 split (unless they remove the IS-4)
    IF the ST-I line is to be the multi-turret/gun line then it becomes a obvious 3rd grind line, if not they could link the KV-2 to the Obj.705A and it’s 152mm gun in a DERP-ish line, since the mini-branch starts at tier 8 with the IS-M they only need a new tier 7 that could be either the IS-2/KV-2 hybridd (KV-2 turret on IS-2 chassis) or instead they could add the IS-2H that was released for WoT Blitz

    there’s also still hope for a Super Heavy tank line


  5. ” – pref MM tanks will be buffed, because the MM will be increased, thus WG wants them to be fun, but not OP ”

    fuck that WG turds,

    just REFUND my cash back into my bank account ASAP if you change Preferential MM tanks
    FOREVER lose the confidence and trust of customers if you fuck-over Premium Shop cash-only purchases


    1. You see well (I am not some pro WG guy, from what it looks the game is going to shithole, especially considering HD map “design”) , it would not really be fair to give you back your money.
      Because while IS6 may not be as useful as it used to be, you have used it, have made profit from it, trained crews (and maybe had some fun).
      this does not translate so well in real life, as there things get older and used, but still. So like you rent a car (that is from future, so it does not get older and lets say it can not get used) and after 3 years you come up and say give me back the money I gave you [even thou you have used this care for 3 years for your work, for your family…]

      Well you could say then refund me just some money. Well how are you supposed to calculate how much?? By played games? well then what if someone played so many games that he actually has to pay extra to WG for the rent??

      I do think that in this particular case WG is giving a good compromise of either giving you virtual equivalent of product -> in gold || or a tank that might be better or at least equivalent.


      1. If they nerf a tank and/or make significant changes, you can ask 100% refund, but only in tanks value in gold will be given, you can not take the money back. Which happened before with T26e4 nerf actually. Once you buy a car, that is yours. No one has the right to come into your garage and replace your 6000cc engine with 1200cc and get away with it, if the company decides that you shouldn’t own it that way anymore, they compansate in full, hence player didn’t ask for a change on his tank at all, see?


        1. Tell that to the “Diesel gate” VW owners who are going to get the high hard one when their engine computers are reprogrammed during any maintenance trip to their dealership…


    2. Sadly you can’t get back money from them, but you can refund for gold once it hits on servers probably. Or charge back the transactions and get your money and the account got banned status for obvious rules and reasons but you wouldn’t care if you are going off forever. Considering how OP tanks are being introduced, I would argue that 3-5-7 for a buffed pref. MM is any worse than same tier matchups counted as top tier and rest being 5-10 underdog matchups. If worst case scenario for pref mm tanks were to be 5 in a 3-5-7 matchup, I would riot too but I more than not struggle against matchups with them currently, spamming inefective gold ammo even for same tier opponents to pen frontal weakspots and global accuracy nerfs really made them a ghost of their old selves.


  6. To be honest, if the pen values of 175mm joke premium hevies get buffed to 210-220mm and with respectable gold ammo, it might work out. As for now, 5-10 matchmaking fucks just as hard as a possible 3-5-7 worst matchup. My ready to go suggestion is; buff wz-111, 112, is6 standard pen to 220, t-34-3 and type59 pen to 202, buff power ratio of super pershing to somewhat chrysler has, maybe pen to 200, buff apcr premiums to around 250-260, heats to 280-290. I am kinda sure 112 can live up with it’s armor, is6 might need some turret armor buff, wz-111 might have some depression buff hence 5a has 7 while this one is 5, at least 6 to make it in line with 112. There you have it, not as good as defender patriot etc. but at least tanks that can hold their places in those days.


  7. if they give my e-25 a few more hitpoints and pen on standard and premium and leave cammo and mobility alone i’m golden. ‘You get more credits doing damage to higher tiered oppos.


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