WoT – Reminiscing Version 0.2

Eight years ago, March 5th 2010, the first patch for WoT was released. What did the 750 people on the server receive then?

  • Module research implemented. To do that, you need to use the experience gathered on the tank. The appropriate button is in the upper-right corner of the hangar
  • Added the “sandbox” – now tier I-III tanks won’t meet tier X tanks. Tier IV to X will fight each other instead.
  • Added the ability to partially destroy some objects.
  • New tanks: Maus, Matilda IV, Somua S35, Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f), SU-85B, IS-7, VK 30.01 (P), VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B.

During the test, invites will be sent to closed test by SerB personally, or by the other testers.


13 thoughts on “WoT – Reminiscing Version 0.2

  1. “now tier I-III tanks won’t meet tier X tanks. Tier IV to X will fight each other instead”

    And now people complain when their tier 8 has to fight up to 3 tier Xs in a battle.


    1. Understandable, still you get royally fucked because there is such a power gap between Tier 8 and 9 let alone Tier 8 and 10 so thats no excuse

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      1. Tier 9 tanks almost all have tier X guns, and the aspects in which they are weaker than tier 10 get greatly compensated by the fact that they fight tier 7s which are waaaaaay weaker. The gap between tier 7 and 9 is way bigger than the gap between tier 8 and 10.

        Tier 8 tanks have an armor that can work against most tier Xs if well used, and a gold ammo that is more than enough to deal with anything they meet. They are weaker than tier Xs in armor and dpm but that’s it. And if they weren’t there would be a problem.

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      1. “Still shit”
        You went from fighting a Maus with your Pz38nA ; to fighting a Maus with an IS-3 at worst.

        All tier 8 tanks have more than 180mm pen now, and their gold ammo is at least 220mm pen, to even past 300mm often.

        The only tier that can really complain is tier 7 because many tier 7s have sub-170mm pen and have to fight tanks with an armor almost as good as on some tier X tanks. And their gun can’t deal with it.
        All other tiers can deal with what they meet, as long as they don’t just sit in front of ennemies that are two tiers higher and complain that they can’t pen them frontally. Because that’s what people do now, and they are surprised it doesn’t work.

        Get a brain and the game will feel much more balanced already. And WG will stop overbuffing everything to make up for a gold spam and terrible win ratios on good tanks used wrong.

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        1. Nice that you picked one of the better if not best T8’s there to show an example.

          >All tier 8 tanks have more than 180mm pen now
          not true

          >their gold ammo is at least 220mm pen
          again not true

          >to even past 300mm often
          “often” = 11 out of 18 TD have that, and 1 MT, rest of the… I dunno 50-60 tanks do not. Guess we have a different definition of often

          Do not even get me started on the shitty gun handling, DPM and alpha, so even if you do have chance to pen your shot might just miss or you won’t do much. There’s also stuff like RNG, pen dropoff, and in battle you rarely shoot tanks at optimal angle so the real chance to do damage is much lower than what you look up on tanks.gg. Oh yeah, I forgot about stock grinds also.

          >don’t just sit in front of ennemies that are two tiers higher and complain that they can’t pen them frontally.

          But to get sides of tanks either requires your team to create opportunities for you or risking a lot – but you have no HP, no armor. You often have to sit passively and wait for opportunities that might never come.
          It’s not even about higher tiers either. Model situation – me in M41 bulldog in T8 game, enemy IS-6 is pushing our IS-M. I cannot shoot his side without exposing myself to TD’s (Airfield – great map design) – so I shoot HEAT at his LFP, I penned 1 out of 4. That was close range and I’m almost below him.
          I am the same tier FFS and he’s making a stupid play (pushing into multiple tanks with no close range support), and yet I cannot properly punish him for it and my team is not capable of doing it even though they have the tanks for it.

          >Get a brain and the game will feel much more balanced already. And WG will stop overbuffing everything to make up for a gold spam and terrible win ratios on good tanks used wrong.

          If the tier spread was +/-1, the tanks can be balanced a lot tigher. Imagine balancing a T8 heavy – it cannot have too much armor so T6 have some chance to pen it (those T6 tanks on the other hand cannot have too much pen or they’ll make armor obsolete on tier 6 – oh wait that’s actually reality of T6 heavies), but it should have enough armor to bounce higher tiers from time to time too, otherwise you’re literally just carrying around weight that’s slowing you down.
          So you could balance the tank better and make armor more relevant without making it broken.

          One thing I agree with is that there were decent tanks used incorrectly, and then overbuffed. Bad players in general feel armored tanks should be invincible frontally and still hard to pen when you get the sides – all that does is promote brainless gameplay where you roll your face on keyboard while almost nobody can pen you. Good armor should be tied to skill – hiding weakspots, angling etc. Just like spotting requires skill, doing damage requires skill (mostly… unless you’re redlining shitter in TD not moving from 1 position whole game), so using armor should be about the same.

          Also, tier spread is not the only thing wrong with MM. Still not recognizing paper vs armored tanks withing a class (Grille 15 vs JPE100 on himmels LuL). Long queue times for no reason. 3-5-7 template is not that great, neither is full T10 MM with current template. Limits on certain classes are not strict enough (TD’s, arty) making some maps horrible to play. Being a bottom tier LT while there are also 2 top tier ones – you pretty much have no role. Surely there’s something I forgot bui those are off the top of my head.


    1. Mathilda IV doesnt need any buff lol.
      I can’t remember how I got mine but it is insanely OP. Never faces tier 7, dpm is huge, pen is enough for the tier, armor and mobility are okay enough.
      But most importantly it makes a huge amount of credits. Best tier 5 moneymaker imo.


      1. Matilda IV is a decent tank until you meet an AT-2 (same tier tank) and you need a high RNG roll make sure you pen it’s weakspot with a frikkin gold ammo. Don’t even let me start at tier VI


  2. To all these people whining about the +-2 mm:
    There are only 3 tanks in the enemy team that are 2 tiers higher. If you meet them head on in battle, you are either unlucky a few games, or if you have this every game, to stupid to realise that you can fight on another side off the map as well.

    I mean, you don’t have to engage and try to kill the first tank that you spot on your flank. In a 1 vs 1


    1. Now tell me what to do when you have tank like IS-M in tier 10 MM. Due to your abysmal gun accuracy/penetration combo, you’re basically forced to be in front line, but you don’t have mobility to back away when you face enemy T10 there. And you can’t avoid this meeting because again you neither have mobility nor gun to push “the other flank” with medium wolfpack. You can’t even stay in 2nd/3rd line and snipe because you guessed it, your gun is potato. What is it you can do, then? Just go front line and hope for the best, try to angle, sidescrape and desperatly pray that enemy Type 5 won’t hit you…


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