WoT – Secret Mission for Romanian Players

It’s a mission that activates after you play a battle. Play 5 more (with a tank over tier IV) and you get 6 Romanian flag decals. Thanks to David Blader for the extra screenshot.

Great initiative from Wargaming!


37 thoughts on “WoT – Secret Mission for Romanian Players

  1. “great innitiative” yeah right, giving missions for in game goods solely based on country even within one server region? BS. Then I want missions for flags from my country too.

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    1. My game is also not set in Romanian, but English. However, I used to play it in Romanian and for some reason, even now, while having it set on English, some certain things appear written in Romanian (”The event lasts from 10 ianuarie to 1 martie” – it’s strange)…

      So no, your game doesn’t have to be set in Romanian. You don’t even have to be in Romania, I live somewhere else and I still have it…


  2. I assume WG managed to identify the romanian players by IP address, not by the language in which the game was running. In any case, nice surprise from WG

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    1. And yet, in Hitler’s plans, we were culture keepers and Poland’s people who needed to be removed. And there are no special decals, there are only decals. Mind on your garbage and hate, home. By the weight of your hate, you guys deserve Auschwitz decals.

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  3. Romania during world war 2: being the coward nature first ally with nazi Germans and help invade Poland and when German lose war they turned and became Soviet’s whore.


        1. Except we allowed the Polish government to flee to Romania with their treasures, along with 100.000 Polish soldiers. We did indeed assist the Germans, didn’t we?

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  4. And can they make the same event for other countries also? Would be awesome to get some free flags, as I buy and put them on my keeper tanks anyway.


  5. Played a few games on march 1st too, no mission notification, no nothing. WG doing a great job as always.

    Not helping nazi Germany in WWII would have resulted in Romania being obliterated with only it’s oil field being spared. Yes, around the WWII time, Romania was the 2nd producer of oil, gasoline and related products.

    Turning on Germany has saved Romania from being completely razed from the face of the Earth by the Russians. Also it has shortened the WWII duration by at least 6 months, cutting of Germany from oil reserves and not resisting allied forces.


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