WoT – WG Conference – Various Stuff

Vspishka: Will scaling in the HD client work?

Pankov: Yes, we’re working on it.

EviL GrannY: Will we be able to but tanks for Bonds?

Pankov: Prems in their current form? No. Integrating tanks with bonds? Yes.

LeBwa: I’m playing an X in plat, I’m always getting downtiered to VIII. Is this normal?

Pankov: Normal.

Amway921: I spent 40 seconds waiting for a battle, do you plan to shorten it?

Pankov: No.

EviL GrannY: Change it then?

Pankov: Before battle? Maybe we’ll add a mini-game. The wait time with an SSD will actually increase, because 80% of the people need to have the game loaded for the 30 second countdown to commence.

Amway921: People are buying new rigs, can’t you shorten it?

Pankov: You don’t know how the statistics look.

Amway921: What’s the average battle load time?

Pankov: Starting when?

Amway921: An average player, how long does he wait?

Beletsky: Who’s an average player for you?

Amway921: The fastest 80%, how long do they wait?

Pankow: Hard to tell, I remember around 15-20 seconds.

Amway921: 15 seconds which you can shorten?

Pankov: Provided your whole team loads faster. The weakest PCs are those who don’t load into battle sometimes, like on Steppes.

EviL GrannY: Are premium accounts for a set amount of hours or battles planned?

Pankov: No, you have reserves.

EviL GrannY: How did the lootboxes fare? Any plans for the future?

Pankov: They were liked, but we won’t introduce them permanently, only on special occasions.

EviL GrannY: +/- 15% pen like in Blitz?

Pankov: No.

EviL GrannY: Will you fix the jumping reticle in sniper mode?

Pankov: It’s hard to fix.

LeBwa: Do you plan to introduce PvE?

Pankov: Yes, we do.

Jove: Were the Ensk tests with bots successful.

Pankov: Yes, we looked at the results and we’re satisfied.

Jove: Similar to the consoles?

Pankov: No comment, in dev.

LeBwa: Will we be able to look at the replays of any player?

Pankov: Yes, they’ll be needed for e-sport, and consoles already have it, so we can borrow it.

Amway921: Some games have killcams. It would be nice to see how you were killed.

Beletsky: Yes, it’s actually the same tech. But we need to be careful with any changes on the client-server route.

Jove: Krótko: Fun modes this year?

Pankov: June-July, New Year, something between July and New Year.

EviL GrannY: Direct fire arty like Type 5 Heavy – it’s not funny.

Pankov: No plans for now. We’re debating and experimenting shyly with those.

Vspishka: There’s a problem with rolling over. Small suggestion – use a repair kit and you get back on tracks, and the repair kit gets a cooldown. Waiting for an ally is sometimes so bad.

Pankov: The idea itself I don’t like, but we have to look at the problem of rolling over.

Vspishka: Maybe equipment for bonds should be cheaper?

Beletsky: Work is underway for a complex economy overhaul.

Vspishka: There are a lot of people who get X tiers and don’t know what to do with them. They skipped the initial tiers and didn’t learn squat. What do you think about people with VIII-X tiers and 40-44% WR?

Pankov: Everything depends on the way people approach the game.

Amway921: Will the recruitment program change?

Pankov: We will introduce a new one.

Amway921: Historical battles?

Beletsky: Only in PvE.

Amway921: Will you do something about ping-spam?

Pankov: We have to, but not in 1.0.

Amway921: Why can’t we do a ‘day without arty’ event?

Beletsky: Because without arty players would just meet in one spot and duke it out constantly. Arty prevents that.

LeBwa: What are people without premium account doing on VIII and X?

Pankov: It was known from the beginning that it’s not profitable to play there without a premium account. But we sometimes give out some free premium time, and there are marathons for prem tanks.

LeBwa: Will tier X economy change?

Beletsky: No plans for now.

LeBwa: T-22 medium?

Pankov: Case closed, nothing planned.

EviL GrannY: Alternative hulls and unwanted map removal?

Pankov: Alt hulls were pushed back in favor of 3D customizations – they will become a part of it.

As for removing maps, we don’t plan it now, since the matchmaker would go nuts. Maybe once there are more MM refinements.

Beletsky: Or as “day free from map X events”.

EviL GrannY: Any plans for improved equipment?

Pankov: Not now.

EviL GrannY: Is there any info on how well the improved equips affect the game? Should we get them?

Pankov: Of course you should.

Beletsky: In a 1vs1 situation, it might decide between life and death.

EviL GrannY: Will 3D customization affect stats?

Beletsky: When we started converting tanks to HD, we started removing spare track links from collision models. Now they just look nice.

Pankov: Some remain.

Beletsky: Yeah, but it’s only nice visually. We don’t want them to improve armor, because if we did, they’d be scattered all over the tanks.

Ushakov: Will Personal Missions 2.0 affect the first one?

Pankov: No, they will work concurrently.

Jove: Buffs for the first season tanks?

Pankov: We will review them, as well as Clan Wars tanks.


EviL GrannY: What’s under the tarp?

Pankov: You’ll know soon enough.

Vspishka: When will you stop hiding stuff like gun dispersion, terrain resistance etc.?

Pankov: We’re redoing the interface. Most likely then.

Vspishka: Ranked on other tiers than X?

Pankov: No solid plans.