WoT – WG Conference – E-Sport

LeBwa: I wanted to ask about e-sport. Those who are in it know why the WoT part of it got shut down. The question is – what can cyberathletes expect?

Pankov: We have a system to replace the current WG.Net League. No details for now. We’ll keep the monetary rewards, and there will be cyclic events ‘offline’, the Finals.

LeBwa: Will you be able to profit?

Pankov: Yes, indeed. Maybe one of your old comrades will profit from this. We decided that the current format is old, stale. Everyone was tired of it, so we decided on something fresh. I can’t give any details. We’ll try to make the new format interesting.

LeBwa: When can we expect some info?

Pankov: Well, if everything goes well, at the end of the summer.

Jove: Does that mean in this year?

Pankov: Of course. Our goal is to test this format until the end of the year and have a first few rounds. We want to make this fresh, and more interesting for the common viewer, so they can learn something, and use that in-game. This is the most precious thing streams can give. People will see how you shoot and such, that’s the goal. Of course the new system which we implemented will give more ways to add new content to the game.

EviL GrannY: You’re saying that the league format is old. You meant the general format and team battles?

Pankov: Yes.

EviL GrannY: Anything else?

Pankov: It will be an entirely new form of entertainment from what we have now, first person camera and so on.

Ushakov: The current void is filled with Clan Wars. Maybe this is interesting? Maybe you should promote this in private channels?

Pankov: We’re ready to support and sponsor such channels.

EviL GrannY: Earlier WG didn’t like to support tournaments organized by third parties.

Pankov: Not every tourney is equal. I’ll gladly support Chucks’, individual achievements, replays.

Ushakov: What about fun modes?

Pankow: There will be some this year too. Those are always nice because we can always test something this way.

LeBwa: In training battles, you don’t have tools to test some things, or make some exhibition matches, or Assault/Encounter.

Pankov: Our tournament system, which works on the Global Map, has similar tools, but they’re not available to private parties. We’ll try to gather all wishes and create a common and open platform for such actions.