WoT – WG Conference – Crew Skills

Vspishka: About crew and skill. Will the new system be developed? Why do we have to retrain crews when moving them between tanks?

Beletsky. We’re working on a radical change to crew skills. It’s a dangerous procedure. We need to look at it how retraining crews look from a game standpoint, and look at the real life. We want to go away from the same perks the player chooses over and over.

The crew and the barracks are terrible regarding the usability of the UI. We have to remove all the clutter.

The first thought of course is – let’s make a lot of perks and it’ll be cool. No, this doesn’t have to be fun. It would be bad if you met an enemy and didn’t know what he’s capable of. There has to be some logic. There can be 2-3 possibilities, not 200. What’s the difficulty? The first – the system is here for a long time. A lot of players have skilled crews, in which they put a lot of effort. The system will be changed radically, and we have to find a solution so anyone won’t feel cheated or robbed. Tests will be done in 2018 with you, the players!

Pankov: The system is vast and complicated. Andrey only skimmed over some stuff, without getting into details. We want to diversify the skill, but within reasonable boundaries. The biggest problem is telling someone his 7-skill crew is as valuable as it was in the new system. The perks are very valuable, since they enhance the tank and so on. The players constantly put in free experience into crews, so how should we change this so nobody suffers? How to make it intuitive for newcomers?

Yes, we’re working on, and we have verified a concept, for which A. Beletsky is responsible. Will the tests be done in this year? Yes. Will it be released this year? Hard to tell.

Vspishka: Will you be able to change the nationality of crewmen?

Pankov: There we plans, but we moved to Crew 2.0 instead. Maybe you’ll be able to do it by contacting support, but this will be only a one time thing.

Ushakov: Should we wait for Italian female tankers, or just use up our Christmas presents already?

Pankov: No, you can only recruit tankers for nations in-game. There will be more occasions to get Italian girls.

LeBwa: Do you plan to add Sixth Sense as a ‘zero’ perk?

Pankov: Yes, we do.

LeBwa: This year?

Pankov: Maybe, as part of Crew 2.0.

Beletsky: If all players pick it, might as well make it default.

Jove: Will you be able to set a tank to a specific purpose, eg. set a crew skill preset?

Pankov: Yes.

Beletsky: There will be a set amount of options. Turning an IS-7 into a light tank would be fun for you, but 29 players would disagree.