WoT – WG Conference – Mods

Amway921: Will you be able to hide your nickname and stats during the battle? Will you close the game for mods like they are now?

Pankov: Regarding the nickname hiding, we’re not doing anything about it now, but that doesn’t mean something won’t appear in the future.

And about closing up the game client, yes, we’re going that way. You’ll only be able to use mods which we permit.

EviL GrannY: What’s the progress?

Vspishka: You were talking about it two years ago. Modders were invited for cooperation.

Pankov: We’re continuing the cooperation. Right now wgmods.net is being tested. In due time it will appear in the Game Center. Right now, our team is working on closing down the interface for all mods. It’s hard to give any dates.

Jove: Will there be a shop with mods?

Beletsky: Not a shop, a catalog. Why is the work taking so long? Besides mods, you can find other ways to circumvent the game protection.

EviL GrannY: There’s a fog of war on the Global Map. Why not use it in random?

Pankov: Because it would be tiresome for the servers, since the amount of battles is substantially higher. But we’re thinking about it for Ranked.

Jove: Won’t player behavior become even more inadequate?

Pankov: Maybe. We’ll probably hide the specifics, but leave the class of the tanks visible.

4 thoughts on “WoT – WG Conference – Mods

  1. make all mods legal or remove all mods thats the way how to solve problem. if everbody use no problem. atm wg says they are banning mod users but we know this isnt even tip of iceberg.
    and mod users will pass what ever wg do. aas long there is door.

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  2. Shouldn’t hide nicknames ever, how do you know who to call out for being a coward or report in game if players aren’t identified. Also nothing wrong with mods as long as they don’t violate WG rules. Many mods work better than the stuff built into WOT.


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