WoT – WG Conference – Premium Ammo

Jove: What plans do you have regarding premium ammo?

Pankov: After 1.0 we’ll remove ammo and consumable cost in gold.

Why? Because there are players buying those for gold, and we can’t just cut it off like that, because many countries have laws regarding good bought with real money.

What we will do is we’ll let the hoarders have their stuff, but we’ll stop selling it for gold. We’ll wait until their stockpile melts down and then we’ll rebalance them.

Jove: How?

Pankov: There will be Sandbox tests. One option is to remove prem ammo completely. The other is to make new types of ammo.

We see that the cost of prem ammo in silver is too high, and in patch 1.0.1 we’ll remove the gold cost for it, and after that we’ll start the rebalance. The first step will be the cost adjustment.

Amway921: Will the cost of removing equipment change?

Pankov: No, that stays.

Beletsky: Another solution is to completely redo the ammo economy. Recalculating the costs of all ammo, so some shells aren’t 25x more expensive than others.

Amway921: The economic viability of some tanks is the same, and it’s balanced by their shell costs. How will you act?

Pankov: We have to keep a certain income threshold. We’ll go in step by step and see how it goes.

Ushakov: How far away are those plans?

Pankov: For this year.

Beletsky: We hope to finish it this year. The problem is that you have to understand what you’re changing, and what will happen after them. It can be that we’ll be crying after all of this.

Pankov: As a result, the economy might change in a way that the gold to silver exchange rate will have to be changed. The silver ammo will be cheaper, so the demand to convert gold into silver will be higher. This also changes all future discounts, and maybe even tank cost.

Jove: The main problem of gold ammo is not the price but the balance disrupting nature of it. If you rebalance a tank, it’s revolving around standard ammo, not gold ammo. What does even “standard” mean here?

Beletsky: AP, APCR, HE are all different rounds, which are for different purposes We want to achieve a state in which different ammo works differently, and its usage will differ in regard to the current situation on the battlefield.

Bloggers: What if someone buys a looooot of ammo and won’t shoot them?

Pankow: Well,  we can always refund them.