WoT Blitz: Soviet Offensive Special

What could be more daring than taking command of tons of formidable steel? Only commanding the entire division! You can start creating your own one this weekend: we have temporarily cut the prices of all researchable Soviet vehicles. The Soviet Offensive is reinforced by 20% discounts on resupplied resources.


Europe: from 23 February 13:00 (CET) through 26 February 13:00 (CET)
North America: from 23 February 5:00 (PT), 8:00 (ET) through 26 February 5:00 (PT), 8:00 (ET)
Asia: from 23 February 14:00 (UTC+8) through 26 February 14:00 (UTC+8)
CIS: from 23 February 8:00 (MSK) through 26 February 8:00 (MSK)

Bonuses and Discounts

x3.png Three times more Experience for the first victory.

camouflage_25x.png A 20% discount on camouflage resupply.

provision.png A 20% discount on provisions.

consumables.png A 20% discount on consumables.

crew-training.png Discounts on 100% crew training in the Tank Academy:

  • 50% for Tier II–VI vehicles
  • 40% for Tier VII–VIII vehicles
  • 30% for Tier IX–X vehicles

discountregulartank.png Discounts on researchable Soviet vehicles:

  • 50% for Tier II–V vehicles
  • 30% for Tier VI–VII vehicles
  • 20% for Tier VIII vehicles
  • 15% for Tier IX–X vehicles

 Hidden Mission

Objective: Win a regular battle.

Reward: х3 Crew Experience.

Limitations: A hidden mission is not seen in the game. Players can complete the hidden mission in each vehicle after they have won a battle in it and used their Experience modifier for the first victory. The mission can be completed twice per 24 hours in each vehicle, but it becomes available for the second time only after the XP modifier for the first victory has been reset.