WoT Blitz: Random news #3

  • There is a bug at the moment whereby at times there seems to be excessive waiting times for a battle in a platoon. This issue will be fixed.
  • The issue with the in-game chat and settings tabs where they are are too close together in battles will also be fixed soon.
  • There will be a reduction in the amount of modules to be researched for tanks. Modules that are “useless and not efficient” will be removed. It is not known whether you will be compensated for the modules that are removed, which you already had researched prior to them being removed. This could be implemented in Update 4.8.
  • Developers are also looking at ways to buff the IS2. A numbers of ways have been mentioned including increasing penetration or giving the IS2 an alternate gun. When we may see the buff is not known and has been delayed before. Update 4.8 could be the patch where the buff in introduced.
  • Japanese Type 5 Heavy are too big [for WoT Blitz], so WG have some technical issues with adding them.
  • In regards to Rating Battles, changes are planned to awards and calibration. Furthermore there is a possibility that in 4.8 (or Update 4.9) Rating Battles can only be launched with a 100% crew.
  • The T70/57 is on the supertest right now. Certain players have been invoiced this tank for testing. It’ll be removed from their accounts once the testing is over.

  • Tier 8 Chinese premium medium tank T-34-3 stats: (In russian)

Thanks to The Blitz Post, https://discord.gg/kp83f37


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