War Thunder – Magach 3 + Possible Vehicle List

The Magach series of armored fighting vehicles were Israeli modifications of the American M48 and M60 tanks, which were gradually improved over the course of several decades to fit Israel’s ever changing military needs. War Thunder players can expect one vehicle of the Magach series to make its way to the game in the upcoming update 1.77. Tankers, meet the Magach 3!

During the 1960s and ‘70s, Israel purchased a number of M48 and M60 tanks from West Germany and later the USA. These tanks and their subsequent upgraded versions were named Magach. The first two Magach tanks were for the most part “stock” versions Israel initially received, without any significant retrofits. However, the first wave of major upgrades became visible with the Magach 3. This version intended to upgrade the Israeli M48s to the A4 standard, following the Six-Day-War of 1967. The Magach 3 introduced several major improvements over the previous versions, including the replacement of the 90mm with the L7 105mm cannon, an improved diesel engine and transmission as well as a low-profile commanders cupola, just to name a few.

During the Yom Kippur War of 1973, Israel suffered heavy tank losses at the hands of entrenched Egyptian infantry on the Sinai peninsula. After the war, the Israeli tank force was more than halved. Once a critical vulnerability was discovered with the location of the highly flammable hydraulic fluid of the Magach tanks, the decision was made to replace the losses sustained in the previous war with newer Magach 5 and 6 tanks during the 1970s. The newer Magach tanks would introduce more improvements over time that further tailored their performance to the IDF’s needs, but that’s a story for another day. The Magachs remained the frontline MBT of the IDF until the ‘80s and ‘90s until they were gradually being replaced by Israel’s new domestically designed Merkava tank. By 2006, all Megachs were decommissioned from active service.

In War Thunder, the Magach 3 will be a new premium vehicle available to tankers at the fifth rank of the American ground forces tree. When compared to its brothers in the regular tree, the Magach 3 appears to be somewhat of a mashup of several different vehicles, taking bits and pieces of the M48 and M60, yet remaining a unique vehicle in its own right at the same time.

One feature of the M48 the Israelis almost immediately felt like needed changing (with many War Thunder players likely to agree), was the commander’s cupola. Realizing it was big enough to be a targets of its own, Israeli engineers decided to replace it with a low-profile one. This in turn, reduced the overall profile of the vehicle slightly and eliminated a major weakspot in the armor profile. No doubt, an improvement many aspiring owners of the Magach 3 in War Thunder will surely appreciate.

Under the hood, the Magach 3 also received some changes to make it more suitable to the IDF’s use.

After the Israelis found out that the early Magach’s (M48s) gasoline engines were very susceptible to catching fire during the Six-Day-War, the decision was made to replace these with a more conventional Continental diesel engine along with a new Allison transmission with the Magach 3. This change also had the positive effect of increasing the power output of the Magach 3 to a very respectable 750 horsepower.

In the meantime, stay tuned to the news to find out what else the next major update for War Thunder has instore for you. Until then!

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Also, there was a leaked vehicle list coursing around the internets

Some of that was confirmed, so who knows…


9 thoughts on “War Thunder – Magach 3 + Possible Vehicle List

  1. As a lifetime WoT player, I always looked for reasons to dislike WT.

    But your blogging on the subject sheds a pretty good light on the game and it’s development.

    Is WT worth taking a second look at?

    I’ve not played it for years and only enjoyed the flight side of things.


    1. look at the comments in the challenger post and you will know why its not worth playing.
      While it is somewhat debatable wether WOT has a soviet bias, WT doesnt even try to hide it and claims to be a simulator, but meanwhile changes stuff in the rules so soviet tanks are way more effective.


      1. I second this. I stopped playing around the time after the Leopard nerf. After Gaijin added slope modifiers, making the T-54 indestructible by anything other than other russian tanks and people datamined a bunch of stuff showing how russian shells performed far better than other nations, Gaijin couldn’t hide its soviet bias any longer. This was mitigated a bit after the introduction of the Leopard, which now allowed the germans to take out russian tanks…..but that didn’t last for long. Gaijin was quick to nerf APDS to the point where you had to snipe each individual crew member, because they tank itself could not be destroyed, and HEAT rounds became absolutely worthless. They also added more T-54s along with more powerful shells. I stopped playing around this time.
        Later, I saw the pay2win IS-6 obliterating anything in its path while russian drivers tried to defend the tank, as usual.


        1. #WarStore pretty much every premium is pay2win in WT
          as soon as they announced the B1 Ter pre-order pack and called it «this thing will be a low tier pay2win OP tank», then you get the T-35 Super Heavy Multi-Turreted tank at BR 1.3, just 0.3 higher than reserves like the american M2A2 armed with 1x.30 and 1x.50 cal machineguns, in WoT te T-35 would be at least tier 4
          later on you have the SMK, or the KV-1B (captured KV-1), the T-29 was also OP until it got it’s BR revised and stuff like Ru-251’s were also added


    2. as somenone who plays both I have to say that more than being worth it WT has a lot of potential that is hindered by the company decisions
      they had always used the match rewards as a banner as to why WT was better than WoT because in the past you were rewarded based on your individual performance regardless of victory or defeat, since last year they seem to have reduced the rewards gradually so that the change was not easily noticeable, in fact in the past you could pretty much be sure that with a score of 1900 in a defeat you would get between 1500 and 1700 RP (xp), right now you are lucky if you get 1500 RP
      the problem is not only these stealth changes but also going completely against what the players feel is an issue
      in the last few months tanks RB was plagued by the abuse of aircraft for CAS (close air support), that would lead to 2 outcomes, if they were good at it they would finish the match quick but bcause they killed ground targets and not air targets neither them or the few tanks on the ground would get much for the match, the second case is them being awfull at it and you being forced to defend against an enemy that outnumbers you on the ground which ususally leads to a quick loss
      to solve this they reduced the damage caused by rockets but that is far from enough, additionaly with the last update they added a new mechanic where tanks classified as scouts get a reduction on the amount of spawn points needed to get into a aircraft, this means that not only din’t listen the players opinions to increase the amount of SP needed for aircraft as they also made it easier to spawn aircraft in Ground RB

      either way don’t think of WT as an alternative if your reason to leave WoT is the company strategy for the game because you cannot escape the bad decisions the devs make in either game, if you understand that and simply try to enjoy whatever you can enjoy of the game then you can enjoy be it either WoT or WT


    3. For me personally I don’t like the look of WTs tech trees, especially how some lines you have to grind through say 7 vehicles while in others you only have 3, and how in each update these trees tend to grow more in length rather than girth, actually increasing the grind.
      I think if there is one thing WG did very well is the basic template for how the Tech Tree should function. There is room for improvement and their own tech trees aren’t perfect(The extra side track with the Panzer IVs and KV-1S is completely unnecessary, as well as some other things here and there)


      1. #Anonymous
        that’s true, in addition there are vehicles of the same class (light, medium, heavy, SPAA, etc..) and with the exact same BR where in one tree it takes 1500 RP to unlock ammo/engine/transmission modification and on another tech tree it might simply cost 700 RP for the same tier modification

        I have to say that the major problem of WT is in the little details/decisions Gaijin takes regarding the game, be it balance, tech tree constitution and organization or even research costs, apart from that WT has so much potential because no other game simulates so well the interaction between aircraft and ground vehicles

        btw: some tech trees have much less vehicles to grind by their own decision, in aviation alone the US should have the largest tree in the game but is currently 3rd, there’s a clear tendency towards adding german and soviet vehicles before anything else and that makes some tech trees really “short” despite having more than enough options to at least double their numbers


        1. The core gameplay for WT is very solid, yet as you said, I do feel it is the smaller things that holds it back.
          If I recall, the old WT tech tree was that you advanced tiers and once you unlocked next one you got all the stuff in it, only had to buy it, right? I liked that model quite a lot.
          Then they switched to the current grind fest.


    4. #silversound. I went back to Warthunder about a two years ago now. I was a hardcore player and tank collector in WOT. I have around 400 tanks always had tons of premium time. Now I might play maybe once a week. As far as thunder goes, I mostly play air and ground realistic battles. Once I learned the mechanics of the game I really started enjoying Warthunder. Some pluses for me are using my eyes and ears to spot tanks , multiturret on tanks that have them, machine guns work on tanks, wheeled vehicles, artillery vehicles are used like TDS. It also cheaper playing Warthunder than WOT, no garage and bunker slot to buy, collecting warbonds for premiums is free, tons of marathons for free premiums, free talismans that make regular vehicles into almost premium. Ohh and no WOT rng.


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