WoT 1.0 CT – Second Beta

Garage — Now with People and In Stunning HD!

The Garage has received a major renovation. The old Garage has been knocked down and now your tanks will been shown in all their glory amongst Mother Nature. Located deep in the forest, you might notice there are a selection of vehicles dotted around the garage.

Tanks are par for the course in any Garage, but there’s something you’ve never seen before — people!

The crew have set up camp and can be seen wandering around, sitting by the campfire or even chopping logs to fuel the fire. Crew members certainly bring a whole new level of atmosphere to your Garage.

I need a hero

There’s one tank you will notice in all its glory, the Hero. Displayed behind your selected tank, the Hero will change intermittently and just like your tanks, you can interact with it in great detail. By simply clicking on the Hero in the background, the camera will fly over and this tank will take the foreground and all its vital information will be displayed.

Also, at the bottom of the screen, you will notice the “PURCHASE” button, which if you click on, you will be sent to the Premium Shop. We would ask you to test out the feature properly to make sure that it works correctly. Don’t worry, you will not be buying anything and no in-game currency will be taken from your account, this is simply to see if it is working as intended.

Get closer than ever before

With the previous Garage, the maximum distance you could get away from the tank was 12m. Now, you can zoom out even further (perfect for viewing the gigantic Japanese super heavies).

You can also zoom in further than before so you can see a level of detail, you’d never noticed before especially if you’ve ever had trouble reading the script on a gun.

If you are inactive for a period of time, the camera will go to work and flyover the tank. This can be disabled or tweaked in the settings.

Also, when using the Garage, parallax scrolling is now in effect (meaning the screen moves with your mouse). If this is something that brings on motion sickness for you, don’t worry: the effect can be turned off in the settings as well.


The latest map to be added takes you and your tanks to Scandinavia. Battle in the midst of ships lodged in the ice with these steel behemoths forming the very landscape around you.

1. The active zone for light tanks. Thanks to the landscape and terrain, you won’t be left out in the open. But be careful, those pesky tanks might be hiding up by the carrier.

2. Tank destroyer spots. Good viewpoints, often with concealment, and even with a thinly armored vehicle, you can still do some damage.

3. There’s a large number of small shelters that won’t protect you from enemy artillery fire here and bushes. It’s a perfect spot for the mediums and not a bad location for tank destroyers either.

4. Tank destroyer spots. Good viewpoints, often with concealment, and even with a thinly armored vehicle, you can still do some damage.

5. In the case of a successful enemy advance to the center, take position on top of the aircraft carrier. By controlling the aircraft carrier, your team can help your heavies break through. Even by locating yourself by the sides of the carrier, you can help support your team in the center.

6. Designated spot for heavies. The perfect place for the heavies to fight, covered from artillery fire, there’s a plenty of options to maneuver amongst the blocks of ice and frozen shipwrecks.

Music to your ears

A large-scale project for the World of Tanks team, the new soundtrack was recorded by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and aims to create military “tank” music that is as authentic as possible for each map. Drawing inspiration from the music all across the globe, the music aims to match its locale. There certainly are some great tracks with hidden references in, see if you can find them!


33 thoughts on “WoT 1.0 CT – Second Beta

    1. It’s weird, because based on the description, the tanks displayed at the position of the Chieftain are premium tanks.
      There was rumors of a new line of British tanks, but the Chieftain presented here might suggest it will come as a premium … and that’s not good at all …


      1. In the game files it’s still a premium tank, probably as a placeholder like most of the tanks when they are introduced to supertest the first time.

        You can put your conspiracy theories away for now.


        1. Map has been “leaked” multiple times, and the rest is in WG’s own article on WoT website. So I guess Option 1 is the right answer 😛


            1. Fair call, been awhile since saw anything so I couldn’t remember specifics, just that I had seen a map like Glacier and Slope was the one that looked the most similar.

              WG must have been happy with that iteration and decided to go with it after some visual changes


    1. Imagine all these little tomatoes and beginners buying these mighty Heroes tanks with their credit cards, thinking they buy a beast that will save them from their mediocrity :’-)


  1. That is actualy very nice. I have been dreaming of a garage in wich something actualy happends. Maybe in the future, we would eaven see people ocacionly working on the tank, or filling it up with fuel or ammo,…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. So about “music in our ears”, did they fix the sound glitches where we heard nothing when shots hit us or are fired ? All those new sounds are great but if we can’t hear them it’s a problem


  3. Yeah, kinda weird to see actual people in the garage. I always imagined crew members of tanks to be just some sort of beings who make the tank move around, never thought of them as “people”.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ‘Stunning in HD’, that’s right. Now you can get tracked or stunned in your light tanks in beautiful HD quality, before you will get killed by a goldshell.

    All this HD shit looks fine, but it will not solve the problems that are screwing this game up.


    1. This is just one step in the right direction. They can’t do everything at once, give them time and hopefully they’ll get around to fix most problems the game has.


  5. Known Issues

    Improper display of large knocked down trees on the Live Oaks map.

    The suspension of some vehicles is displayed improperly at the minimum settings in the SD client.

    When switching to the full-screen mode during the first login, the entire Garage background is green after automatic detection of the graphics settings. To eliminate the issue, restart the game client.

    Freezes in some cases when the player’s vehicle is destroyed.

    FPS drop in the sniper mode when aiming through semi-transparent bushes.

    The map loading time may exceed the expected duration.

    Low performance at the Ultra settings during the first seconds after loading a map.

    Performance drops in some cases when switching to the sniper mode.

    Performance drop when objects are destroyed by the HAVOK technology.

    Improper names of settings in the game client.

    It takes much time to load vehicle textures when entering a battle.

    When in the full-screen mode, the signal (game) frequency does not correspond to the screen refresh rate.

    The issue related to the vehicle silhouette outline.

    Sometimes, decals are not displayed on vehicle armor upon receiving a hit, or decals are displayed in a different location.

    Players can get to areas that are not intended for playing. Example: a pillbox on the Siegfried Line map.

    Sound gets muted in one of the channels (left or right).

    The sounds of receiving damage is not played.

    The red flash effect displayed when a shell hits the player’s vehicle is excessively bright and distracting.

    Vehicle silhouette outline is not displayed when aiming at the vehicle through fences.

    The terrain shape in the client differs from the terrain shape on the server on the Paris map at square K 3–4.
    Players can get into the castle on the Himmelsdorf map.

    Graphics artifacts are displayed in the sky on the Ruinberg map.

    A rock is displayed hovering in the air on the Redshire map at square B8.

    Artifacts are displayed on tesselated latices on the Himmelsdorf map.

    Sometimes, the actual default condition of the map border does not correspond to the map border default option.

    When playing on the Cliff map, wet vehicles are “flickering” at particular camera angles.

    Shadows flickering on the player’s vehicle in the Garage.

    Gamma Settings may work improperly.


  6. 1. Hopefully they’ll add visual crew and some blood to our tanks aswell. Jajaja that would increase age rating but seriusly, 8 year old kids shouldn’t play this game anyhow…
    2. That Chieftain reference is just… evil. I want to play with it in battles, not look at it in my garage 😐


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