War Thunder – Small 1.77 Leak)))

Just the T-64BV who someone casually leaked to live.wt)))


4 thoughts on “War Thunder – Small 1.77 Leak)))

  1. I think that the natural counter for the Challenger 1 and early Leo 2 would be the T-72, furthermore there was already a model/custom mission with a similar T-64 available on LIVE.WT, it could be that this might be a Rank VI premium on the revenue share program which would mean these new tanks to be Rank VII?


      1. I’ve talked to beckett and some various others and it’s most definitely not, there’s some distinct visual differences and ofc Gaijin haven’t given a single cent to beckett for the model. Aside from the fact you can’t load the tanks into the hangar in that position except for a fairly complex process using the CDK.


        1. in my opinion these new tanks should be material for a 7th rank in ground forces because, in my opinion, they are 3rd generation MBTs and thus an whole generation above the current BR9.0 MBTs (T-64A, Cheiftain Mk.10 and MBT/KPZ-70)
          if they are going to become the first BR10.0 tanks then we can finally expect some BR10.0 on a 6th rank for aviation
          with the logical expansion from 6 to 7 ranks (curretly the major nations go: reserve>>23.3; 2.7>>3.7; 4.0>>5.7; 6.0>>6.7/7.0; 7.0/7.3>>8.0; 8.3>>9.0) I thought the rank 6 would become the new top premium Rank and the model from beckett??? would be a huge candidate, since he said he has nothing to do with it (I thought it could have been an improved model of his original work) then maybe they will stop the premiums at rank 5


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