Reworked Ensk Pictures

Now with a Lenin statue, factories, and a stadium (possibly preparing for the 2018 World Cup?)


54 thoughts on “Reworked Ensk Pictures

    1. Don’t worry, since you can shoot down the Foch Statue on Paris you can probably shoot down this Lenin statue as well.

      If not then you know why. *Plays Soviet Anthem in background*

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                1. He was a dictator and a violent man, a better man than Stalin, but still an autocrat.
                  Do your own research. It’s not my job to write a paper on the hows and whys of history just for you. Look into it yourself if your interested, if not keep being ignorant, what do I care.


                  1. tl:dr – he said somethin stupid and now he’s backtracking like a fucker trying to cover.

                    No doubt the same idiot who dies in first 30secs of games and then blames his team and spends 1minute clicking squares on minimap.marian – do us all a favour and stay off the internet until you at least pass puberty.


                  2. Lenin was a respected and beloved man and his word had a lot of weight and that’s, you know, a good thing. Yeah, sure, he was a leader of the only political force in USSR, but he most certainly was not a dictator. You’re telling me to do a research but you have huge problems with basic course of history.


  1. np with new HD maps but what does it matter when the game is unbalanced as hell ? old players will return to the game and find the game is x10 times worse since they left thanks to all the new broken tanks

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        1. Well, a lot of people in baltic states think that nazis were hip and cool. Polaks hate nazis and commies equally. And of course a lot of Russian and Belorus people think that communism is hip and cool, so eh, I could care less tbh


  2. Communisin by 1946 killed over 45million documented and proven , 3rd Reich 1946 had 2.5million more jews living in Germany then they had in 1936 proven and documented. Still waiting on actual hard evidence of anything claimed in the ‘holocaust’.. so far all we have in inadmissible anecdotal evidence Which is why it’s illegal to question it in most western countries.

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    1. I’m no holocaust denier what is true is far more none Jews were killed in the holocaust than jews.

      Yet through the world and it’s teachings the holocaust has become solely about the Jews. Which for me is crass and ignorant to the other innocents.

      War is Evil the allied killed civilians indiscriminately through it’s bombings particularly in France and Germany. Our greatest PM Winston Churchill didn’t get the name baby killer for nothing.

      Ad to that what communism killed and the two atomic bombs and you get a picture.

      Yet for decades and for the rest of history the world will only remember the Nazi’s and there acts as history is wrote and told by the victors……..

      I just feel sorry for any innocent life and their families thay history is told this way.

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  3. In the early 1970’s Brezhnev announces to the Politburo that he is making a state visit to Poland, and that in honor of the trip he wishes to bring the Polish people a momentous gift. It is decided that Brezhnev should bring a large painting entitled “Lenin In Poland.” After all, what could be a more meaningful expression of Soviet-Polish solidarity than a portrait of Lenin, the god of Soviet communism, visiting Poland? Unfortunately, Lenin never visited Poland, and the “great masters” of the Artist’s Union, their minds constricted by socialist realism, can come up with no ideas how to depict Lenin in Poland.
    Time is running short, and the Soviet leadership is growing desparate. Finally it is decided to approach Rabinowitz, a dissedent artist. “We know you have voiced many complaints against your country,” a visiting KGB delegation tells him. “But if you perform this service for the motherland, we promise you a large apartment and a lot of work.”
    Rabinowitz agrees to make the painting of Lenin in Poland. Three weeks later, the day before the trip, Brezhnev leads a delegation of Politburo members into a conference room. There stands Rabinowitz in front of a large canvas covered by a drop-cloth. “Let us see the painting,” Brezhnev orders.
    Rabinowitz removes the drop-cloth, and everybody in the room gasps.. The painting shows a man in bed with a woman.
    “Who is that man?” someone shouts at Rabinowitz.
    “That’s Trotsky.”
    Another gasp.
    “And who is the woman?” another Politburo member yells out.
    “Krupskaya, Lenin’s wife.”
    “And where is Lenin?” Brezhnev thunders
    “Lenin’s in Poland.”

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    1. Why so political everyone ?

      This gives us a nice immersive map based on the soviet union.

      Cant we just put aside our views and just appreciate the hard work WG has put into making this map ?


      1. Ensk sure as hell sounds alot more German than Russian. Oh it must mean the nations that the Soviets occupied after “liberating” them from the nazi oppressors in 1939 when they invaded Finland and the Baltics in 1940.

        Russians still stroking the ego of their dead dictator after 65 years is quite pathetic to be honest.


    2. Why so political everyone ?

      This gives us a nice immersive map based on the soviet union.

      Cant we just put aside our views and just appreciate the hard work WG has put into making this map ?


    1. You can troll people with some actual facts about communism. But that would require a knowledge of the subject, so you decided to be boring and stupid. I love WoT community.

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  4. I like how the people outside my own country show interest in politics and history, while my own people seem to be indifferent regarding these topics.

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